dots on dots {and a review}

firnoo1firmoo2firmoo4firmoo3firmoo5coat – modcloth {several years ago} // blouse – marshall’s // skirt – UO // booties – candies // glasses – c/o firmoo

i’ve never fancied myself a “glasses worn as an accessory” type of girl.  there’s something so…i don’t know…fake about it.  however, when firmoo contacted me and asked if i’d be interested in doing a review, i said yes.  but only after i learned that they offer prescription glasses, as well.  while i don’t need glasses on a regular basis, my eye doctor recommended that i wear a pair while at work {i was getting horrid headaches from staring at two computer screens all day.}  unfortunately, i couldn’t find my exact rx, so i did in fact order a fake pair of glasses.  i figure i can get the rx filled at any time.  until then…i’m digging this look!  once i placed my order, the glasses arrived within a week.  they came with a hard and soft case, as well as a tool kit.  overall, i am completely satisfied with my experience.

you can get a free pair of glasses, too!  for more information, check out firmoo’s first pair free program.  they offer all types of glasses – from designer frames to prescription sunglasses!  i’m loving these, these and these .

“glasses worn as an accessory” indeed.


5 thoughts on “dots on dots {and a review}

  1. yes. i love love the dots on dots. and the coat is perfect with it!! i need a new pair of glasses like 5 years ago. maybe i shall hop on over to this site and take a gander……

  2. found your blog randomly through a pinterest pin of your logo on a board someone pinned my blog to also. i’ll have to thank that chick for introducing me to you. love your style :)

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