a perfect day.


top – target // skirt – eshakti // pumps – aldo // clutch – marshall’s // necklace – borrowed

mark and i attended an awards brunch in malibu, yesterday.  i chose to wear this tulle skirt because…how often do i get the opportunity to wear a tulle skirt?  but then i second guessed my decision all morning, because…i was wearing a gold tulle skirt.  this isn’t me.  i’m not a girly girl.  i love high waist pants and pretending to be a hippie.  and although i was concerned about being overdressed and way out of my comfort zone, there was a very small part of me that loved this outfit.  i felt good in it.  and although i was overdressed {most people were dressed business casual or in jeans!}, it turned out to be a good move – the event photographer {for the malibu times} took several photos of me!  she was dying over the skirt.  ha!  anyway, after the event, we went to a local bar – chatted, drank martinis, snacked on calamari and crab cakes – it turned out to be a perfect day…just the two of us. 

{thank you, eshakti, for sending me this beautiful skirt!  and for my readers:  from now until march 20th, shop at eshakti and receive 20% off with code BREFTNDVNT.}

happy monday! 


20 thoughts on “a perfect day.

  1. i like how you play with different looks. i know that you always feel more like the hippie you in jeans but i like that you are not afraid to bust out your inner glamour girl too. i like that in a girl. sounds like a wonderful day. i love malibu.

    • thanks, claudia. i think that’s just part of my free spirit – learning to embrace all of my “personalities”…ha! that makes me sound loco.

  2. I love this skirt! And remember, you can never be overdressed. But I identify, because at heart I love pretending to be hippie as well. :)

  3. I don’t know if you were aware of this but in the first picture there is a dolphin totally trying to get fresh with you… Those damn dolphins.

    You are GORGEOUS and I’m envious of that skirt and I might buy it.

    • hi alyson! long time, no talk! and yes…i AM aware of the naughty little dolphin. i thought it was funny. and um…yes…you should get a tulle skirt! every girl should own one. i’m not so sure that eshakti still has it in stock, though. :( maybe email them!

  4. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! Absolute gorgeousness. You made the total right decision to wear this. And you should wear it EVERY DAMN DAY. Well. Ok, so that might be weird. Still, this is pretty awesome.

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