chalkboard DIY


what do you do with a hideously ugly pantry?  you turn it into a chalkboard!

what you’ll need:

*skills {says mark}
*a willing and abled, sexy hunk of a husband {says mark}
*chalkboard paint
*paint brush + roller + painters tape
*1/2 inch square dowel for chalk tray {optional}

i don’t know that this project requires much explanation.  prime your space, add the {optional} chalk tray, then give it a couple of layers of chalkboard paint…voila!  instant creative space.  fun for the whole family.

we have to yet to purchase an eraser.  i’ve wiped it down with a wet paper towel, but it’s leaving a streaky residue.  i may have to google how to clean a chalkboard.  any suggestions?

ps.  if you’re wondering about the drawing…  we’re driving up the coast next month and staying in a yurt for a couple of nights… mark drew a picture.  zoey helped. 


2 thoughts on “chalkboard DIY

  1. yay, you’re finally getting your yurt in!! what a great time of the year to see Big Sur too!! If you stop in the Central Coast/San Luis Obispo area on your way up or down Hwy 1 and need info email me!

  2. it looks great! I have some chalkboard paint but I was always hesitant to put it on the walls cuz if i have to paint those white again before moving… that’s a lot of layers of paint to cover black. i love this though :)

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