grunge floral


jacket – uo // dress – gift, but get yours here // pants – target // heels – f21 // zodiac necklace – similar
long necklace – clydes rebirth

if you follow me on instagram, you may recall that i mentioned the possibility of selling “vintage”…again.  i say vintage in parentheses because a lot of the stuff i gravitate towards on my thrift trips are from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and let’s be honest, 80’s/90’s isn’t really vintage.  according to etsy, though…it is.  and that works to my benefit.  {thank you, etsy.}

so as i stood in front of dusty bins and a rolling rack full of vintage wares, i put my collection into categories… items i want to keep, styles that will sell, and ewwhatwasithinkingthe first item i pulled from the sell pile was this grunge floral baby doll dress from guess, circa 1990-something?  i don’t know.  i considered keeping it, because i like the print, but it’s a bit too big.  my thought was to style it up, take photos, post on the blog and then list it in the shop… but… i like it.  i really like it.  i envision wearing it with black tights and a floppy hat, maybe even a vest.  also… i’m doing that dress over pants thing i was telling you about.  remember?  basically, i’m keeping it.  and this is one of the reasons i don’t end up selling!  i get attached or i have “plans” to wear something or i sell an item that i wish i hadn’t.  it’s the name of the game i suppose.  it’s also a very easy way to become a hoarder. 


8 thoughts on “grunge floral

  1. i don’t know why i think of blossom when you said floppy hat, dress and tights but i do! lol anyway, i’m sure you will look more like debbie gibson or better yet tiffany wearing the look. and that is a compliment. xo

  2. Love the dress over pants look! Do you think it works best with heels or could one get away with wearing this combo with flats? In any case, I’m going to give it a try :)

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