recent garage sale finds


this rug – $20
we purchased the table you see above at the rose bowl flea market, several months ago.  up until this weekend, it was shoved against a wall, behind our couch.  mark has used it as a place to set his mug of beer or sunday newspaper, i use it to photograph things.  its main purpose, eventually, is to serve as our dining table.  as you can see, the bar stools we currently use are much too high.  they work, but are quite uncomfortable.  our next purchase – chairs!  this room still needs some work – curtains, maybe a bar cart in the corner.  slowly, it’s coming along. 


beaded necklaces // marble ball on brass stand
i couldn’t resist the necklaces.  {they may end up in the shop.}  according to the lady who sold them to me, the larger piece is ancient – some actor made it for her grandmother or something like that.  she hesitated on the sale, but gave in.  it’s my treasure now!  and mark just had to have the marble ball.  it’s hanging out on our mantel.


handmade apron
cute, huh?  it needs a little tlc, but will probably end up in the shop.


clothing for zoey
the white dress was a no-brainer, what with its ruffles and colorful embroidered birdies.   i wasn’t sure about the kitty cat bib overalls, but zoey squealed in delight, exclaimed “kitty!” and embraced them like they were a long lost pal.  sold.  


books // mini-me cleaning supplies
so i sat zoey down this weekend and said, “look princess, do you think cinderella stayed in the castle for free?  no.  it’s time to earn your keep.  furthermore, maybe you’ll think twice next time you want to throw your dinner on the floor.” 
seriously though, how cute are these?!  also, the share book is from 1985 {rad} and the runaway bunny is one of my faves.


accent table // plant stand // wall decor
not sure where the accent table is going, but it only cost us $2!  the plant stand was an exciting find, as i’ve been searching high and low.  for now, it’s the perfect side table {holding mark’s beer and sunday paper}, but will eventually be used to display pretty plants and flowers.  as for the wall hanging – it may go in the shop.  haven’t decided yet. 

not pictured:  a wooden crate, two vintage dresses, and a dictionary from the 1940’s. 

it was a successful treasure hunting weekend!


13 thoughts on “recent garage sale finds

  1. You found some really nice treasures! I wish you luck finding some fabulous shorter dining chairs. I know how much of a pain it is to find, it took me months to find a pair reasonably priced.

  2. the rug is gorgeous. i can’t wait for the rain to end here so i can get out to some garage sales. i noticed you said one thing might go to the shop. is it an online store we can check out?

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