you are more beautiful than you think

my husband just sent me the link to this video…  the subject line said love you. 

and now i’m a blubbering mess. 

the message in this video is so powerful.  it reminds me to go easy on myself, as i am my worst critic.  and as a mother of a daughter, i must lead by example and show her that she is beautiful…no matter what.  that it’s okay to have a crooked nose or a lopsided smile.  that having short legs or round hips does not determine who you are as a person, nor does it determine how others see you.  that it’s okay to love yourself more. 

this video reminds me to focus on the important things.


5 thoughts on “you are more beautiful than you think

  1. The first time I saw this video, I too was all teary eyed. I am my worst critic and whenever someone, besides family, says I’m beautiful or cute, I can’t help but dismiss them. This video is making me rethink how I view myself.

  2. I love this video! I think it’s so true to life. I bet all of us would describe ourselves in an unflattering light if we were to do this. We all need this reminder. :)

    I love that your husband sent this to you!! How sweet!!

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