on mother’s day.


crochet/lace top – marshall’s // skirt – jcp {similar// belt + coach bag – vintage/thrift

my mother’s day was perfect.  breakfast, shopping, a delicious steak dinner w/ wine, and a foot rub.  i’m quite certain i don’t want anymore munchkins, but i don’t know… does the amount of kiddos i pop out have anything to do with how royally i’m treated on mother’s day?  i’ll ask my husband and get back to you on that one.

until then, i hope you enjoyed your mother’s day!  {or at least pampered your own mama with lots of love.}


7 thoughts on “on mother’s day.

  1. That top is beautiful, Paige! Glad you had a great day! I hear ya on the kid thing. Factory closed! No more babies! In fact, I’m already purging baby clothes, swings, infant toys…and once those are gone that means I can’t bring any more babies into the house.

  2. wow, I love this look. I’ve never gotten into maxi skirts but I’m thinking I should give them a try. I’m glad you had such a wonderful mother’s day!

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