spice-c juice via pressed juicery


if you recall, i had a sinus infection several weeks ago.  i get them a few times a year.  what typically starts out as watery eyes and sneezing quickly morphs into completely blocked sinuses, headaches, a sore throat, sometimes a cough, etc…it’s miserable and usually keeps me down for several days.  i visited my ENT {ear, nose, throat doc} and he was not happy to report that my sinuses were more swollen than ever before!  i left with cortisone pills, nose spray, an rx for 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and a kleenex sticking out of my nose.  attractive, let me tell ya.  within a week, i was able to breathe again!  unfortunately, two weeks later zoey gave me her cold.  since then {it’s probably been 2 or 3 weeks, at this point}, i’ve had congestion and phlegm built up in my sinuses – i can’t shake it!  my stepmom and dad have both suggested acupuncture – something i’m very curious about and will probably look into; however, for the time being, instead of running to my ent and taking more meds, i considered finding a more holistic and natural remedy. 

since juicing has become a new thing for us, i thought maybe i could find a juice recipe that would help.  after perusing the web, i stumbled across the pressed juicery blog – the chalkboardi’m obsessed.  so much awesomeness going on there.  from juicing tips and information to lifestyle and beauty tips.  love. 

it was there that i found the “everyday detox juice and salad” recipe.  i quickly zeroed in on the description of the juice:

this combination of pineapple and orange is a mega dose of vitamin C, a powerful cold and flu fighter. pineapple provides additional benefit with the enzyme bromeliad which helps suppress coughs and loosen mucus. jalapeños eliminate sinus congestion and reduce sinus headaches. everything about this juice makes it a flu-fighter.

by golly, this might be it!

i made note of the ingredients and tried it out this weekend.  delicious!  i can’t honestly say that it helped with my sinus issues because i only had one glass.  but i know i like it and i plan to whip up a batch, store it in the fridge for a day or two and drink a few ounces a couple times a day.  it may not solve the problem, but fingers crossed it will help. 

if you try it…enjoy!  and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “spice-c juice via pressed juicery

  1. How strange, i too have had the massive sinus infection that after rounds of antibiotics that didnt work, sent me to an ent. I’ve been on antibiotics and steriods for weeks. I’m better now, but this sounds like a great way to stave off the summer cold…

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