a photo an hour

photo 4
7 am – from the night before

photo 1
8 am – mark’s “eggs in a hole”

photo 2
9 am – getting dressed

photo 3
10 am – my most favorite accessory

photo 4_2
11 am – vintage kitsch

photo 3_2
12 pm – “junkessence” – also, my gage huntley peruvian bag

photo 2_2
1 pm – #poolday

photo 1_2
2 pm – cacti

photo 5
3 pm – a view

photo 5_2
4 pm – w/ the lovely roz

i think this photo an hour exercise is really great for the novice photographer.  it allows the person behind the lense to carefully evaluate each photo, readjust for different lighting throughout the day and to get more creative with each shot!

my intention was to use our nikon, but i ended up using the iphone for most shots – only because it was more convenient.  it sort of defeats the purpose, but maybe a pool day isn’t the best opportunity for getting to know my camera. 

anyway, sunday was the perfect day of flea market perusing and backyard lounging.  i see many more pool days in our future…


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