currently // may

olive green maxi – local boutique // tank – UO // hat – marshall’s // boots – candies // necklace – gagehuntley

loving :: my current state of mind.  i say current because let’s be honest…i can go from happy to wicked in 60 seconds.  i blame it on the hair color and a family history full of very sassy people {i’m looking at you, mom!}  but seriously, i was just telling a dear friend that even though my life is far from perfect, i’m feeling very content and positive.  what’s the point of stressing over things that are {somewhat} out of my control?  i’m trying hard not to focus on the negative.  and it feels really good. 

reading :: uh, the same book i was reading last month.  i wish i had more time sit around and read… 

watching :: not much.  but i’ll tell you this…i’m pumped about the new season of real housewives of new jersey – starts sunday!

thinking about ::  planning a trip home this summer.  my 15 year reunion is coming up in july and i’m dying to see some of my fave gals. 

anticipating :: an rv trip down the coast…playing on the beach all day, sleeping in tents…can’t wait.

listening to :: whatever.   

working on ::  a surprise!  hopefully it’ll be ready to share by july. 

wishing for :: a million bucks.  i’m not saying it would solve my problems, but it would certainly help.

i cannot believe that may is over.  june means that it is officially summer.  taylor will be out of school in a couple of weeks and zoey’s birthday is in august.  time to start planning! 

{currently post inspired by kelly of our lovely lives.}


10 thoughts on “currently // may

  1. I love your ‘Loving Section’ I’m the same way but I put the responsibility on my Italian/Hispanic blood :) I am too learning about letting go and not stressing on the little things in life, after all, who’s going to care or remember 5 years or 5 months later.

    • Thank you! and I KNOW! Crazy…all of a sudden she’s not a baby anymore! Full on sentences, interest in the big girl potty, wearing jewelry and wanting her nails painted…I can’t even…

      It’s a lot, but it’s so fun. :)

  2. That skirt is perfection.

    I’ve been trying to focus more on the positives in my life, too. They really do outweigh the negatives and it’s amazing what a difference a simple shift in perspective can make. Good for you for letting go of pointless worries. I know it’s not easy!

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