i spotted this quote on the wall of a restaurant as i stuffed my face with a greasy cheeseburger.  ironically, these are the same words that inspired me to get serious about changing my lifestyle.  

back in march, i wrote this post about body image and my personal struggles with getting fit after baby.

here i am today, letting you know that it’s been really hard.  i’m 33, i’ve had two kids and my metabolism has changed drastically.  it’s a smack in the face for a girl who’s always been active and never had to worry too much about what she ate.  i tried and tried to establish a plan, but my feeble attempts at eating better and “working out”…just weren’t enough.  quite frankly, i hated my body and i hated the way i felt.  i was totally unmotivated and lazy.  something had to change, but i wasn’t sure what or how.

a few weeks ago, i received an email from jill.  the subject line read:  join the leanmoms blogger team for free and get fit in 12 weeks.  i opened the email, thinking that it was junk, but nonetheless very curious.  jill explained that they were looking for blogging moms who were interested in getting fit, increasing energy levels, and feeling better about their bodies.  yes!  duh!  i felt like this was my answer, but i had to think about it.  after all, this program was intense.  it required a very large amount of time, dedication and discipline.  could i handle the committment?

after talking it over with mark and giving it some serious thought, i decided that yes…i needed this.  so i emailed jill, registered for the program, took “before” photos {yikes!} and began my 12 week journey.

my goals are simple:  i want to be lean, but toned.  i want to feel strong and have energy.  i want to sleep better and smile more.  i want to eat healthier.  i want to look in the mirror and love what i see.

over the next few weeks, i plan to share my progress.  if you have any questions about my diet or work out plan, please feel free to ask!

until then, click the link to learn more about the leanmoms.com program.   


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  1. Just a thought… For additional motivation, you could book a Boudoir shoot with me at the end of your plan. I’m shooting free till the launch of my new site in January. ;). Email me you would like to chat about it…

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