vintage market finds


so pumped about these finds!  i’m not convinced that the tunic is vintage, but i talked the seller down from $15 to $8, so who cares!  and the rug…flea markets are full of them – some are dirty and expensive, some are just too expensive.  this one was covered in hair, yes hair…but for $10 it was a steal!  mark vacuumed it as soon as we got home and voila!  good as new.  and finally…my new desk!  it may need a paint job, but i’m kinda digging the “distressed” look.  currently searching for the perfect chair…

if you’re local:

what / topanga vintage market
when / 4th sunday of every month – rain or shine!  8 am -3 pm
price / $2, kids under 12 free

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recent garage sale finds


this rug – $20
we purchased the table you see above at the rose bowl flea market, several months ago.  up until this weekend, it was shoved against a wall, behind our couch.  mark has used it as a place to set his mug of beer or sunday newspaper, i use it to photograph things.  its main purpose, eventually, is to serve as our dining table.  as you can see, the bar stools we currently use are much too high.  they work, but are quite uncomfortable.  our next purchase – chairs!  this room still needs some work – curtains, maybe a bar cart in the corner.  slowly, it’s coming along. 


beaded necklaces // marble ball on brass stand
i couldn’t resist the necklaces.  {they may end up in the shop.}  according to the lady who sold them to me, the larger piece is ancient – some actor made it for her grandmother or something like that.  she hesitated on the sale, but gave in.  it’s my treasure now!  and mark just had to have the marble ball.  it’s hanging out on our mantel.


handmade apron
cute, huh?  it needs a little tlc, but will probably end up in the shop.


clothing for zoey
the white dress was a no-brainer, what with its ruffles and colorful embroidered birdies.   i wasn’t sure about the kitty cat bib overalls, but zoey squealed in delight, exclaimed “kitty!” and embraced them like they were a long lost pal.  sold.  


books // mini-me cleaning supplies
so i sat zoey down this weekend and said, “look princess, do you think cinderella stayed in the castle for free?  no.  it’s time to earn your keep.  furthermore, maybe you’ll think twice next time you want to throw your dinner on the floor.” 
seriously though, how cute are these?!  also, the share book is from 1985 {rad} and the runaway bunny is one of my faves.


accent table // plant stand // wall decor
not sure where the accent table is going, but it only cost us $2!  the plant stand was an exciting find, as i’ve been searching high and low.  for now, it’s the perfect side table {holding mark’s beer and sunday paper}, but will eventually be used to display pretty plants and flowers.  as for the wall hanging – it may go in the shop.  haven’t decided yet. 

not pictured:  a wooden crate, two vintage dresses, and a dictionary from the 1940’s. 

it was a successful treasure hunting weekend!

bf+v thrifts // alcv thrift shop

the assistance league of conejo valley is the new kid in town… good stuff, but a little pricey.  i wasn’t all that impressed with their selection of clothing, but {as you can see} i made a pretty good killing in the home goods department!

it’s rare that i find what i’m looking for when i’m actually looking for it…isn’t that true for most of us?  but yesterday, the thrifting gods smiled upon me and ta-da… woven rugs!  wall hangings for zoey’s room!  a vintage glass container for a future project!  and vintage baby dresses for the shop!

have you found any good gems lately?  do tell…

bf+v thrifts // ventura, ca

ventura is probably my favorite place to thrift.  the main drag is filled with cozy cafes, funky bistros, eclectic furniture shops, antique stores, old brick buildings, hole-in-the-wall bars, music venues and of course…amazing thrift stores.  not to mention…you’re just a short walk away from the beach! 

recently mark and i had a few errands to run in the area, so it only made sense to stop for a bite to eat and some thrifting!

while i’m always on the lookout for vintage clothing and bags, lately i’ve been obsessed with finding vintage home goods –  rugs, sheets, milk glass, art work and furniture.  i think my favorite finds of the day were the pieces of framed art!  mark doesn’t “get” the crewel, but he doesn’t have to…because it’s rad and  now it’s ours. 

oh and those dresses…such good finds!  can’t wait to wear them this summer.  i’ll probably put the paisley print dress in the shop, along with the pretty white blouse and baby clothes.  expect an etsy update, soon! 


bf+v thrifts // goodwill

check out this haul! bought, but not pictured – a teal + white chevron patterned knit blanket. love. i also came across a shit ton of babysitter’s club books, squealed with delight and threw about 30 in the cart. but mark gave me a look, so i put them all back. besides, i’m holding out for sweet valley high. i’ll wrestle a betch for one or two of those. and holy hell…ralph lauren wedges for $4.99?! yes, please.

i love a good thrift trip.

topanga vintage market

we are totally on a flea market kick and i love it!  it’s proving to be a great way to spend a sunday morning/afternoon.  fresh air, treasure hunting, ice-cold lemonade, people watching… and although we may get a little sunburnt and our dogs are barkin’ after several hours of walking, we’ve left with some pretty dope finds.  {see the last two photos.}

are you planning to attend any flea markets this summer??

here are a few tips before heading out…

1.  in the summer months, it can get hot out there!  make sure you’re dressed for the weather.  light clothing and layers.

2.  don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and your sunglasses!

3.  don’t dress too fancy…you don’t want to appear like you can afford a $20 vintage dress while you’re bargaining to only spend $12.  know what i mean?

4.  make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

5.  bring cash.  many venues offer an atm machine, but i’m sure the fee is ridiculous.

6.  take your own water and snacks.  typically, these events have food/beverage tents, but the prices are crazy.

7.  purchase a cart or take a backpack – for carrying your goodies!

8.  map out parking ahead of time – that shit can get bananas.

so yeah…that’s my two cents on flea market-ing.

have fun!

recent thrift finds

on a recent trip to ventura, we stopped at a couple of our favorite thrift shops. 
one in particular has a “vintage” section that i pounce on as soon as we walk through the doors.  and although it seems that most thrift stores have become privy to our love of vintage and decided to take advantage by hiking up their prices…this one sells vintage at ridiculously low prices {in comparison.  ahem, goodwill!} 
anyway, mark was on the hunt for vintage bowls to feed baby from and found a set of corningware cups – score!
i found a vintage baby sweater, a dope pair of high waist quasi-denim pants, one of the raddest leather bags i’ve ever seen, and this adorable mirrored-painting artwork thingy for zoey’s room. 
good haul.  i left happy, for sure. 

i’m hoping for another thrift trip soon, but in the meantime, i’ll be updating the shop tonight!
{please check it out if you haven’t in awhile…you may find something you like…}

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