12-week fitness challenge // end of week 2


as you know, i’m currently involved in the leanmoms.com 12-week fitness program.  i’ve been promising an update, so here we go!

as of june 16th, these were my measurements:

biceps – 10 in
waist {above navel} – 30 in
hips – 40 in
thighs – 19.5 in

on june 17th, i started the meal & workout plan.  i knew week one would be difficult, as i hadn’t prepared my body at all.  i went from eating s’mores and drinking wine to cutting out all things carbs, processed foods and sodium…in a day! if i had to do it over again, i’d start a week ahead of time – cut some bad things out of my regular diet, add more greens, maybe even try a juice cleanse! 

week one.  a typical day of meals looks like this:

8 am // meal 1 – egg white and spinach omelet with goat cheese sprinkled on top 
10 am // meal 2 – protein shake {the program suggests a whey based protein powder, but i went with a vegan based – vega one.  initially, it was a shock to my system.  20 mins after drinking the shake, i was in the bathroom every hour or so until late afternoon.  don’t wait until the last-minute to choose your protein!  do a little research and find what works best for you.  now that my tummy is used to it, i love it.}
12 pm // meal 3 – mixed greens with 4 ounces of grilled chicken or tilapia and a handful of almonds.  {instead of dressing, i use lemon juice.}
3 pm // meal 4 – protein shake; however, i replaced the shake with a protein bar.  try greens plus.  love!
6 pm // meal 5 – same as lunch – more greens, a bigger portion of chicken or fish
8 pm // bonus meal – greek yogurt with cocoa powder

between meals four and five, i’m at the gym for an hour, hour and a half.  as with most work out programs, you will alternate days between legs and arms/back, throwing in abs and cardio on 3 out of 5 of those days.  don’t be intimidated by the gym!  the great thing about this program is that the website offers videos and tutorials – perfect for women who aren’t familiar with the equipment.

by the end of week one i was already feeling happier and healthier.  i was sleeping better, i had more energy, my skin was clearing up – i was pumped and ready for week two!

week two.  the meal plan changed a bit – grapefruit, turkey bacon and steel cut oats were added as options to the breakfast menu.  woo!  turkey bacon!  the workouts were different, as well.  which is important.  you always want to switch up your weight training.  muscles get bored and you’ll stop seeing results. 

during week two, i realized that because i was eating 5 small meals a day, i felt satisfied – never hungry.  i was even making healthier choices with my cheat meals!  plus, when you put in hard work at the gym and start seeing the results, it’s really difficult to make poor food decisions.

here is my progress so far…

as of june 30th, after two weeks of following the leanmoms.com program {10 more weeks to go!}:

right bicep – 10 in
left bicep – 9.5 in
waist {above navel} – 27.5 in
hips – 38 in
right thigh – 20.5 in
left thigh – 19.25 in

i’ve lost 2.5 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips!  *fist pump*
naturally, my thighs are gaining muscle, so they aren’t leaning out just yet. 

 if you have any questions or concerns about what i’m eating or what i’m doing at the gym, please ask! i’d love to chat about it.

 i hope these little updates will help inspire some of you to get healthier – whether that means changing your eating habits or going to the gym a couple times a week!  good luck!


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hello again, friends!  if you haven’t already heard, google reader is shutting down tomorrow {july 1st}!  there’s nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?  if you’re currently following barefoot & vintage via google reader, i’m hoping you’ll make the switch and continue to follow along over at bloglovin.  thank you!

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summer nights

maxi dress – gypsy junkies via threadsence {no longer available} // cuff – thrift find // bangles – // sandals – dolce vida {no longer available} // clutch – jasper & jeera via anthropologie
worn while drinking a very large margarita, eating delicious salsa and guac and laughing with one of my best gal pals

as i type this post, zoey and i are on our patio – she’s playing in a pink kiddie pool full of ice-cold water from the hose, while i blog and sweat.  dave matthews and pearl jam serenade us.  every now and again she dumps water on my feet in an attempt to cool me off.  we’ve got a good thing going here.  mark is at the grocery store stocking up on beer and burger making supplies.  tonight will be a good night.

cheers to summer nights, friends.

ps.  i stalked this dress for weeks until it went on sale!  sadly, it’s no longer available.  for gypsy junkies retailers, click here.

oh sweet friday, saturday edition // vol 46

i’ve had my eye on this evil eye necklace {pun intended} – dainty and simple // we have a lemon tree and i love lemon bars, so i’m thinking this may be the next dessert i bake // i am in love with this outfit and totally crushing on karla’s style // sandals are like bathing suits – you need a new pair {or two} every summer!  i’m digging these from miss kendi’s boutique – bloom

i’m really digging this fun maxi skirt diy – easy and effortlessly bohemian

as i continue to work on decorating our dining room and “bar” area – i’ve come across this beautiful table runner and this fun bottle opener!

zoey is obsessed with rainbows, lately!  here is a fun list of rainbow crafts and diys – kid friendly, of course

why don’t i have washi tape?  i feel like it’s the lazy, but brilliant person’s answer to decorating everything

that’s all for this week!

casual friday

tshirt – american apparel // pants – target {similar// vintage coach bag – garage sale {similar// sandals – aldo {similar}

cheers to casual fridays!  also, these pants give me some serious mom butt.  it’s worth it though – they are super soft and comfortable.

*shirt and pants worn separately here and here.

we’re off the mini water park, but i’ll be back later with the saturday edition of oh sweet friday.

happy weekend, friends!  stay cool.

currently // june

crochet sweater + tunic – thrift // denim – gap always skinny // clutch – anthropologie {similar// sandals – target {last summer} // bracelets – gage huntley
worn:  to happy hour, followed by a showing of WWZ in 3D

hey there!  between work, going to the gym and hanging out with friends and family, there’s not much time left for blogging.  by the time the dinner dishes are washed and the kids are in bed, my eyes are heavy with exhaustion and my brain shuts down.  i have a few things up my sleeve though, so stay tuned. 

in the meantime: 

loving :: our friends richard and stacey.  they are two of the nicest people i’ve ever met.  so fun to hang out with, down to earth, creative…  i wanna be best friends forever with them.  mark gave me a weird look when i said that, but i bet r+s would give me fist bumps. 

reading :: the same freaking book i was reading last month.  i used to be able to stay up late reading a good book, but these days i can barely keep my eyes open long enough to read two pages. 

watching :: i hate to admit it, but… pretty wicked moms.  cringe.  i know, i know.  but it’s delightful.

thinking about :: something awesome that i can’t tell you about, yet.  eeeeeeeee.  soon.

anticipating :: my fifteen year high school reunion.  yep.  i’m flying home next month to see my mom and all my old pals.  i’ve been feeling so nostalgic lately.  i can’t wait. 

listening to :: a lot of 90’s tunes.  {see above}

working on :: my body, my health.  the leanmoms.com fitness challenge is going really well.  i feel great and i can’t wait to share my progress with you! 

wishing for :: a day at the spa.

until next time…

i spotted this quote on the wall of a restaurant as i stuffed my face with a greasy cheeseburger.  ironically, these are the same words that inspired me to get serious about changing my lifestyle.  

back in march, i wrote this post about body image and my personal struggles with getting fit after baby.

here i am today, letting you know that it’s been really hard.  i’m 33, i’ve had two kids and my metabolism has changed drastically.  it’s a smack in the face for a girl who’s always been active and never had to worry too much about what she ate.  i tried and tried to establish a plan, but my feeble attempts at eating better and “working out”…just weren’t enough.  quite frankly, i hated my body and i hated the way i felt.  i was totally unmotivated and lazy.  something had to change, but i wasn’t sure what or how.

a few weeks ago, i received an email from jill.  the subject line read:  join the leanmoms blogger team for free and get fit in 12 weeks.  i opened the email, thinking that it was junk, but nonetheless very curious.  jill explained that they were looking for blogging moms who were interested in getting fit, increasing energy levels, and feeling better about their bodies.  yes!  duh!  i felt like this was my answer, but i had to think about it.  after all, this program was intense.  it required a very large amount of time, dedication and discipline.  could i handle the committment?

after talking it over with mark and giving it some serious thought, i decided that yes…i needed this.  so i emailed jill, registered for the program, took “before” photos {yikes!} and began my 12 week journey.

my goals are simple:  i want to be lean, but toned.  i want to feel strong and have energy.  i want to sleep better and smile more.  i want to eat healthier.  i want to look in the mirror and love what i see.

over the next few weeks, i plan to share my progress.  if you have any questions about my diet or work out plan, please feel free to ask!

until then, click the link to learn more about the leanmoms.com program.