9 going on 19

first day of 5th grade.


how can that be?!


they grow up so fast…

he used to be the length of my forearm.

now look at him.  he’s almost as tall me.

but i’m still the boss.

historically, every first day of school, i cry…i get all emotional that my little man is growing up.  (but let’s face it, i also cry because summer is over and now we have 10 months of homework to do, papers to write and science projects to make.  and math.  i hate math.)

however, this time i didn’t.

even though he couldn’t get away from me fast enough…

and every time i asked if he needed help…with his locker combo or where to put his backpack or what to do next…he looked at me and rolled his eyes.

as if to say, “mom.  really?  get away.  you’re embarrassing and you have NO clue.”

so, i backed off.  i let him do his thing and then he hightailed it to his buds.

(boys will be boys.)

honestly, i did end up crying.  but it was later that night, after dinner.

he was talking differently, acting more mature, and kinda didn’t seem to need me as much.

it broke my heart a little.

but that night, at bedtime…he hugged me and told me that i was the best.

…and then once again, everything was right in the world.

i’m wearing…
gray vneck – american apparel
obi – gift from a dear friend
bolo – gift from someone special
skirt – thrifted
shoes – garage sale find

i saw this bolo at an antique store in virginia city, nv.  i wanted it reeeeeal bad.  but the lady was asking $18 for it.  since i hadn’t been thrifting yet, i didn’t want to spend the money.  *sigh*
so we left it.  and i kinda forgot about it.
but a “special someone” went back to that antique store, bought it…and mailed it to me.
awesome “special someone”, huh?
it’s made of a very delicate mesh-like tubing.  and the stone is very smooth.
it’s like…girly and jewelry-ish, but still bad ass enough to be a bolo.
zoe…i’m representin’.

bolomania 4 EVA!

i came across 4 bolos at a thrift store last week.

planning to list them in the shop, soon!

have a fabulous LONG weekend, friends…be safe!




many hundred miles and it won’t…

…be long.

love train song by feist and ben gibbard.

i’ve been listening to it a lot this week.

sorry for the sleepy eyes…i was up late and then fairly early this am.

i hate packing…i always want to plan for the “what ifs”.  what if i go out on the town?  what if i go four wheeling on my gma and pa’s property?  what if i wanna go for a run?  etc etc…

needless to say…i’m all packed and feel good about my choices.

my traveling outfit isn’t much to get excited about.

comfort is what i go for.  nothing too tight and soft fabrics.

i’m wearing…
vneck tshirt – american apparel
belt – thrifted
jeans – anthropologie
purse – thrifted, vintage coach

i love traveling…especially when it’s just my son and i…it’s like a little mommy/son adventure.

it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

my partner in traveling crime is wearing…
sweatshirt, jeans, shoes – nordstrom
vote for pedro tshirt – THRIFTED

that’s right, i’m totally teaching him the ways of the thrift.  slowly.  this shirt took some convincing.  it was more for my pleasure than his.

anyway, the plants are watered, the trash has been taken out, the beds are all made, the dishes washed, and all the doors and windows are locked up tight.

i like coming home from vacation to a clean, organized home…so i spent last night cleaning.

is that weird?

okay, it’s time to do one more sweep of the house to make sure we have everything…

see ya soon!

wish us safe travels.



concert series – goldfrapp

hello friends!

i trust all of you had a safe and fantastic fourth of july weekend…?

mine was great!  full of relaxing, a little thrifting, TONS of food, too much traffic (not cool), decent (but not great) weather…all with WrW and our wonderful friends, alison and daveed.

i have a few photos, but i’ll share them later this week.

recently, WrW and i saw goldfrapp at the hollywood bowl.  i’m always amazed by how many people have never heard of her.

if you don’t know who she is, check her out!  i see her as a cross between lady gaga and debbie harry.  what’s not to love about that??  listen below!

fabulous, huh?  she’s amazing, live.

on the way to the concert, WrW took this dope shot of me in the subway…

i love the movement of it.

ever have one of those last-minute wardrobe changes that you wish you’d never made?

this happened to me that night.

originally, i had the oversized blazer you see in the photos, belted with a long, gold chain necklace…

but for some reason, on our walk to the subway, i switched it up by removing the “belt” and wearing the blazer open.


i now see that belted was better.

oh well.  ya live, ya learn.

i’m wearing…
blazer – thrifted (for sale in the shop!)
vneck tshirt – american apparel
denim stirrup leggings – local boutique
wedges – vintage, bought from etsy
belt/necklace – thrifted

yes, i’m selling the blazer.  but not because i don’t LOVE it…because it’s a tad too big on me.  if i had the balls, i’d wear it as a mini…sooo hot.  any takers?  i dare ya… *wink wink*

alright, so here are the new items…

1. 80s working girl floral print dress
2. dark teal vintage summer dress
3. oversized slouchy floral blazer

come take a look!

and thanks SO MUCH for all the lovely “scarf love” comments.  if you try the modified suspenders…please, send me photos!  i’d love to see how you wear it!

a few of you asked how to do it…

first of all, it works best with a long, narrow scarf.  put it around your neck and tuck the ends into your high waist skirt, jeans, shorts, or trousers!  add a belt to hold the scarf in place.

the scarf as a cumberbund is equally as simple.  unfold the scarf, so that it is wide, wrap around your waist, and tie in the back.  add a belt for an extra pop of color.

also, some new readers have left comments this weekend…hello and welcome!  i can’t wait to check out your blogs, too!

lots of fun things planned this week…more new items, guest blogging, and a surprise!



collar poppin’

what do you think of the new filter i’m using?  it’s called 1960’s (how creative). 

so, what’s with this week i’m having??

internet issues (resolved!), communication issues with WrW (resolved!), sore throat/under the weather (not resolved)…and then today, i lock myself out of the house, then realize that i can’t even open the garage because i don’t have car keys to get into my car to get the garage door opener…to get the car keys that are locked in the house!  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

ah well.  that too, was resolved.

 i’m so looking forward to this weekend…

relax tonight, maybe order in.

saturday – estate/garage sale hopping with a friend, mani/pedi in the afternoon, all followed by a PLEASURE PARTY that evening!  haHA!  ever been?? 

getting together with a bunch of my girlfriends, drinking wine, eating appies, swapping sex stories, and perusing “toys”…what could be more fun??

i’m sure it’ll be a riot.  i’ll try to snap some photos.  hee hee…naughty. 

sunday, WrW and i will lounge around the pool, go for a little hike, and then we’re off to the hollywood bowl to see goldfrappe.   

btw…i’m on weardrobe now (and i’m on the featured page *blushing*).  if you are too…come find me!  i’m under barefootnvintage.

oh!  and i sold the dress from yesterday’s post!  *grin*

(amanda, you had me second guessing my decision to sell it because i do LOVE that dress!  however, it’s time for someone else to rock it.)

see lexington through the screen?  i love her.  she’s such a sweet girl. 

poppin your collar instantly changes the outfit from chic to 80s chic.  i’m not gonna lie…i kinda felt like the female version of don johnson (from miami vice) in this outfit. 

i wore (on wednesday, before my internet turned into an asshole)…
blazer – french connection, ruelala
ruffle top – target
 pencil skirt – american apparel
necklace – vintage
shoes – nordstrom rack





urban dictionary definition:  fantastic, with a hint of crablikeness. often reflects a sarcastic edge to the fantasticality.

meet jaimee!  she blogs over at crabtastic.  mostly about her fave vintage fabrics, etsy finds, her adorable daughter ava, and her recent crafty endeavors…always with wit and sarcasm.

after her purchase in my shop and then talking through email every now and then, she invited us to her daughter’s 3rd bday party.
it was adorable to say the least…fabric flags, fun decorations, tables set up with food and yummy sangria.  the kid’s table was full of colorful plates and hats and things…and an area for crafts.  (please note the bracelet i made out of a pipe cleaner and beads.  also, WrW made me a bracelet that was a tad too big, so it ended up on my owl necklace.  oh!  and i even spiced up my sunglasses.  ha!  who knew pipe cleaners could be so fun?!)

from left to right:  ava (the birthday girl!), me, and jaimee

guess what else they had?

a spongebob squarepants jumpy!!!!!!

i have to admit, i am a big spongebob fan.  even if i didn’t have a kid, i’d still like it.  the humor is hysterical and sarcastic…genius, really.  we have the 100 episodes dvd compilation.

anyway, while the kids were beating the spongebob pinata for tootsie pops and mini boxes of dots…jaimee told me to take advantage of the jumpy.  so i did!

jaimee got in, too!  it was pretty hysterical.  actually, it wore me out.  i’m getting old.

WrW and i had a lot of fun.  jaimee and her husband are nice people…very hospitable and friendly.  hopefully our paths will cross again, soon!

as we were leaving, WrW snapped a few photos…

check out my dope new wedges!  i purchased them on etsy from tracelements.

i’m wearing…
tank top –
american apparel
skirt – vintage, thrifted
wedges – vintage,
tracelements on etsy
owl necklace –
purse – vintage, thrifted

okay, friends…i’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend…a little shopping and then home to spend time with my pops…steak and potatoes for dinner!



*all photos by me and WrW*