just a quickie



these photos were taken a couple of weekends ago.  we spent a cloudy, fall sunday in ventura (a small beach town)…thrifting, taking photos, and then enjoying a beer and some mexican food. 

MP left this am.  (pout)  he stayed with me for 9 days!  the house will seem so quiet this evening…

i know i promised photos of him, but he wasn’t too thrilled with the ones we took.  sorry!  i promise you’ll meet him one of these days. 

pinky swear.

hat – gift/purse – vintage coach/dress, leggings, cardi – local boutique/belt – anthropologie/boots – madewell


a day like yesterday…

…gives monday a good name!

work went by fast, taylor and i went on a long bike ride together in the evening, and everything else just seemed to fall into place.

yesterday was a fantastic day.

good job, monday…what’s gotten into you?

whatever it is has certainly set the tone for a kick-ass week.

i can feel it.

(ps…i get to see MP this weekend.  yeeee haaaawwww!)

wearing…sweater – local boutique.  vintage eyelet blouse – thrifted.  vintage necklace – thrifted.  belt – anthropologie.  dress – local boutique.  wedges – target. 

*photos by taylor*


many hundred miles and it won’t…

…be long.

love train song by feist and ben gibbard.

i’ve been listening to it a lot this week.

sorry for the sleepy eyes…i was up late and then fairly early this am.

i hate packing…i always want to plan for the “what ifs”.  what if i go out on the town?  what if i go four wheeling on my gma and pa’s property?  what if i wanna go for a run?  etc etc…

needless to say…i’m all packed and feel good about my choices.

my traveling outfit isn’t much to get excited about.

comfort is what i go for.  nothing too tight and soft fabrics.

i’m wearing…
vneck tshirt – american apparel
belt – thrifted
jeans – anthropologie
purse – thrifted, vintage coach

i love traveling…especially when it’s just my son and i…it’s like a little mommy/son adventure.

it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

my partner in traveling crime is wearing…
sweatshirt, jeans, shoes – nordstrom
vote for pedro tshirt – THRIFTED

that’s right, i’m totally teaching him the ways of the thrift.  slowly.  this shirt took some convincing.  it was more for my pleasure than his.

anyway, the plants are watered, the trash has been taken out, the beds are all made, the dishes washed, and all the doors and windows are locked up tight.

i like coming home from vacation to a clean, organized home…so i spent last night cleaning.

is that weird?

okay, it’s time to do one more sweep of the house to make sure we have everything…

see ya soon!

wish us safe travels.



no fair…

my son leaves for spain on monday morning!  he’s going with my dad and stepmom and another couple and their two kids.  he’ll be gone for 3 weeks…with a quick hop on over to paris to see the eiffel tower.


no doubt i’ll miss the little guy, but what a great opportunity for him!

i can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories of his adventures.

since he won’t be around to take my photos, i’ve decided to jump on the tripod bandwagon and do it myself.

i guess they turned out okay.

using the timer on the camera was comical.  i kinda wish i had a way to show you how ridiculous i looked.  ha!

running back and forth, switching poses right before the photo was snapped, tripping over patio furniture…i even used props!  i took the watering can and held it over the plants, like i was watering them.  hahaha!  i LOL’d when i viewed the pic.  it was just…so unnatural.

ah well…trial and error, right?

the belt and lace top in these photos are two of my fave clothing items…ever.


none of the pieces are thrifted.  (eek! gasp!)

i haven’t always been thrifty, my friends.

i’m wearing…
lace blouse – urban outfitters (from waaaaay back)
weaved belt – anthropologie (again, waaaay back)
skirt – nordstrom
shoes – report, nordstrom

thanks for stopping by…

i’m off to do fun weekend things!

enjoy your day.