i’m moving, i’m moving!

my 9 year old directed yesterday afternoon’s “photo shoot”…

because WrW wasn’t around, i asked taylor if he would snap a few photos of me.  not only did he agree, but he got really into it.  he was telling me where to stand, to move if i was in the sun too much, to smile more, etc…

and then he started telling me to “move” after every click of the shutter.  it was so flippin’ cute!

anyway, i wore this outfit to work yesterday.

i was particularly inspired by kate of twinkle toes and gold dangles.

thanks, kate!

when i first started my job, i tried to be really professional…meaning, i wore suits.

i hate suits.

pretty soon, suits turned into nice dress pants with pretty tops or the occasional printed wrap dress.

then i started to incorporate shirts, blouses and vests from urban outfitters and other non-work related clothing stores.

once i started thrifting and buying vintage…it was all over.  i’m often seen wearing a dress from the 60s, wider hemmed pants with a ruffle blouse, etc…

which can only mean one thing…

comments from the coworkers.

yesterday’s outfit brought on a plethora.

“you look like a cowgirl!  where are your boots??”
“oh look!  it’s the sunshine farms girl!”
“that’s a very 50s look”
“i think i had that skirt in the 70s!”

you have to understand that most of the people in my office stick with suits and pencil skirts.  and usually, the colors are very basic…red, black, white, gray…with the occasional splash of green or blue.

so, maybe i’m the “daring” one in the office.

or maybe i’m just the freak show.

either way, i’m okay with it.  i think if my coworkers stopped talking about me…i’d be kinda bummed.  ;)

do you get shit from your coworkers about your wardrobe??

i’d love to hear some stories or great comments!

like this skirt??  it’s for sale in the shop.  see more information and photos, here!

hope you’re having a fabulous thursday!

ps…not to brag, but today is my friday!  woot woot.  i’m headed to palm springs tomorrow for sunshine, relaxation with the man, yummy cocktails and good eats.



***update***  i forgot to mention that the shirt i’m wearing was purchased at the flea market for $2…$2!!  the label is the old school gap label, but i think it was just a more recent throwback…i was gonna sell it, but i’m not 100% sure it’s really gap from 1969.  it’s a men’s shirt though…that i know.  and the skirt…well you know about it…it’s in the shop!!  click on the link above if you’re interested.


i’m a mom.

remember this skirt?  i bought it from second skin last week and got it just in time for mother’s day.  (thanks christina!)

i tried it with everything.

first, i wore it as a skirt with a white t and a yellow cardigan.  it was way too bright and i kinda felt like i was going to a tea party…then my stepmom said, “wow, aren’t you dressed up!”

i know her intentions were good, but it wasn’t what i wanted to hear.  and it confirmed the whole tea party feeling.

on to the next…

i then swapped the yellow cardigan for a black one and added black textured tights and a pair of brown boots.

WrW liked it and i did, too…until i decided it just didn’t look right and i felt kinda stupid.  and we all know that if you don’t feel good in an outfit it won’t translate well…and ultimately…you won’t pull it off.

right before we left for the flea market, i ran upstairs, ripped off the boots and tights, made a few adjustments and additions and ended up with this…

dark skinny jeans and sandals.

perfect for the flea market on a sunny, but kinda windy and chilly day.  don’t ya think?

when i left the house, i felt good about it.  but more importantly, i was comfortable.  mission accomplished!

the flea market was a big success!  i went home with 8 new dresses for the shop and a few things for myself.

taylor even found antique slides for his microscope!  so cool.

afterwards, we had salad and pizza at a great little italian place.

awwww…little man kisses are the best!  (and he’s even carrying my purse!  i know, i know…it doesn’t go with my outfit.  but it goes with his and since he was carrying it, i am exempt from any fashion faux pas i may have committed.)

i had a perfect mother’s day!  and if you’re a mama, i hope you did too!



how she wore it – kate

hello everyone…

meet kate!

remember this skirt/dress??

well kate saw it in my shop and snatched it up right away!

and i’m glad she did.  i love the accessories she added, the browns and golds…it’s perfect!  she looks lovely.

thanks, kate!  i hope you shop at barefoot & vintage again, soon!

some of you may already know this, but for those of you who don’t…

kate is a fashion blogger over at twinkle toes and gold dangles!

go on over for a visit!  kate has great style…from madras to stripes, anthropologie to target…she always looks comfortable, yet totally stylish!

ps – she has an etsy store!!  ten six twenty.

here’s a preview and a few of my faves…

cute, huh??

it’s obvious this girl is very talented, so show her some love, go visit her shop!  mother’s day is right around the corner!

(wink wink)

thanks for reading!



granny pantalones

happy cinco de mayo!

i took 4 years of espanol in high school…yet the only time i can speak fluent spanish is when i’m slightly inebriated.


my family and i took a trip to cabo san lucas a few years ago…one day we spent an entire afternoon drinking beer and margs.  by 4pm, i was speaking fluent spanish to a local.  let me rephrase…I thought i was speaking spanish.

anyway, i recently sold the pants in this outfit post.  (yay!)  however, i really like them and seriously considered keeping them for myself.

they are the most amazing granny cords.  complete with high waist and deep pockets.  (you know…to keep tissues, coupons, hard candies and whatnot in close proximity…cause grannies are always prepared like that.)

they were a little too high for me, so i ended up folding down the waist band.  but other than that…these are great and i hope the new girl loves them as much as i do/did.

the bf is happy that i sold the pantalones.  he said they look too 80s.  i don’t know why that’s a bad thing.  i freaking LOVE the 80s!

…but i love him more.

so i’ll try to keep the acid wash, fringe and tight rolling to a minimum.

now let’s get down to business!

i’ll be adding a few new items to the shop this week!  an adorable straw weaved clutch, a black and white checkered blazer, a pair of cute sandals and maybe a few other things!  i have tons of clothes in my inventory, but we didn’t have time last weekend to take photos.  so stay tuned for more dresses and things in the weeks to come!

on a more personal, pat myself on the back, note…christina from second skin bought another dress from the shop and she posted it on her blog.  check it out!

that’s all for now…

come visit the shop!

…and follow me on twitter!  (barefootnvintag)


pagina (pa-hee-na)

weekly forecast – vintage with a chance of style

1.  vintage embroidered ethnic dress
2.  embroidered mexican day dress
3.  vintage lemon yellow shirt dress

1.  80’s geometric red skirt
2.  vintage boho print blousy summer dress

1.  vintage floral and lace prairie dress
2.  vintage lace up adams boots

1.  vintage 70’s pink cotton 2-pc suit
2.  vintage pink silky satin bow blouse

1.  vintage blue/green puff sleeve blouse
2.  vintage vincenti lightweight denim jacket
3.  vintage tie collar light blue blouse

hi friends!  here is a preview of this week’s items!



ps.  yeah, i know…i’m wearing the hat a lot.  my roots are funky, so i’m trying to hide them as much as possible.  ;)


the tale of an unexpected outfit post.

girl finds awesome bruce lee, mustard yellow, “vintage” t-shirt.  girl puts together this little outfit to sell said t-shirt in her etsy shop.  girl actually kinda likes this outfit and is thinking that maybe she should keep it and wear this get-up to a summer concert.  girl battles in her mind about whether or not to keep it.  girl takes shirt off, looks at the tag and sees…2005.

not vintage!  woot woot!

WrW and i have several concerts lined up this summer…peter gabriel, sting, kings of leon, tom petty, phoenix, grizzly bear, beach house, vampire weekend and maybe one or two others.  (the bf is a concert mad man!)  i think i’ll probably wear this outfit to one of them!  don’t you think this is a good concert outfit?  i do.

the blazer is definitely vintage.  no doubts about it.  it’s going in the shop.  however, it just dawned on me that it kinda completes the outfit, so maybe i should keep it for awhile, too?  hmmmmm…decisions, decisions.

i hope everyone is having a nice weekend!  sad that it’s almost over.  however!  WrW and i are off to the walt disney concert hall to see the la philharmonic this evening.  we have to get dressed up…i’m excited!

ps.  i went to nordstrom to try on all those shoes and guess what?!  they didn’t have a single pair!  i am so bummed.  i’m gonna have to call every nordies within a reasonable driving distance to see if they have them.  grrrrrr.  oh well, just another sacrifice we make for fashion.  wink wink

new items coming this week…stay tuned!



how she wore it – christina

it wasn’t too long ago that i started blogging and eventually opened the barefoot & vintage shop on etsy!  in the beginning, i had many questions…how do i determine shipping prices?  what’s the best way to network?  how do i get noticed??  so, i sent convos (etsy speak for email) to a few of my fave sellers to get some answers.  in a sea of girls who couldn’t be bothered to help a sista out…one girl in particular not only gave me the time of day, but she offered helpful information.


christina helped me out tremendously!  not only did i get the answers i had been searching for, but i made a new a friend!  we ended up chit chatting through emails – learning about each other’s families, where we’re from, our thoughts about the blogging world, etc etc.  in fact, she ended up being one of my first customers!

christina took this otherwise boring (but cute!) tunic/dress and made it adorably boho-chic.  for more photos, click here

a little info about christina:  she has an awesome fashion/style blog, called second skin, where she shares her latest vintage finds and the amazing outfits she so effortlessly throws together.  this girl has incredible style and confidence to boot!  oh!  and she has an etsy shop, as well…check it out!

you may remember that i offered a small promotion a few weeks back.  only four girls entered and christina happened to be one of them.  she ended up winning 25% off any item in the shop and a vintage scarf in my collection!  (sorry, christina!  it’s coming soon…i promise!)

she quickly took me up on the offer and here is the dress she purchased…

this sexy little halter dress was found, by yours truly, at the rose bowl flea market in pasadena, ca.

here’s how she wore it!  more pictures here

christina, thank you so much for shopping at barefoot & vintage!  i’m glad you like your dresses!  more importantly, i’d like to thank you for your support and feeback…and for always being friendly!