a photo an hour // day one with emily

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last friday, i took the day off of work and headed into LA to meet emily and jaimee for lunch and then shopping at american rag —> check out their online store !

after a little chit chat, some yummy eats and then perusing over-priced vintage…i stole emily from jaimee and we headed over to hollywood and highland to be tourist-y:  walk of fame, kodak theatre, grauman’s chinese theatre, roosevelt hotel, bums, and people in costume.  {oh!  and we saw this happening.}  it was kinda crazy, so we snapped a few photos and hit the road to my hood.

i’ll be back to share more of emily’s visit…

ps.  all photos were taken with instagram – come find me!  {barefoot_vintage}



urban dictionary definition:  fantastic, with a hint of crablikeness. often reflects a sarcastic edge to the fantasticality.

meet jaimee!  she blogs over at crabtastic.  mostly about her fave vintage fabrics, etsy finds, her adorable daughter ava, and her recent crafty endeavors…always with wit and sarcasm.

after her purchase in my shop and then talking through email every now and then, she invited us to her daughter’s 3rd bday party.
it was adorable to say the least…fabric flags, fun decorations, tables set up with food and yummy sangria.  the kid’s table was full of colorful plates and hats and things…and an area for crafts.  (please note the bracelet i made out of a pipe cleaner and beads.  also, WrW made me a bracelet that was a tad too big, so it ended up on my owl necklace.  oh!  and i even spiced up my sunglasses.  ha!  who knew pipe cleaners could be so fun?!)

from left to right:  ava (the birthday girl!), me, and jaimee

guess what else they had?

a spongebob squarepants jumpy!!!!!!

i have to admit, i am a big spongebob fan.  even if i didn’t have a kid, i’d still like it.  the humor is hysterical and sarcastic…genius, really.  we have the 100 episodes dvd compilation.

anyway, while the kids were beating the spongebob pinata for tootsie pops and mini boxes of dots…jaimee told me to take advantage of the jumpy.  so i did!

jaimee got in, too!  it was pretty hysterical.  actually, it wore me out.  i’m getting old.

WrW and i had a lot of fun.  jaimee and her husband are nice people…very hospitable and friendly.  hopefully our paths will cross again, soon!

as we were leaving, WrW snapped a few photos…

check out my dope new wedges!  i purchased them on etsy from tracelements.

i’m wearing…
tank top –
american apparel
skirt – vintage, thrifted
wedges – vintage,
tracelements on etsy
owl necklace –
purse – vintage, thrifted

okay, friends…i’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend…a little shopping and then home to spend time with my pops…steak and potatoes for dinner!



*all photos by me and WrW*

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

i hope you’ve all had a great week!

what’s up for the weekend??

i’ve got a pretty full one, myself…

*going on a little hike after work and then headed to WrW’s for a relaxing evening in.

*another blogger meet up on saturday!  the lovely jaimee of crabtastic invited us to her daughter’s 3rd bday party…can’t wait to meet her!  (here’s how we connected.)

…and then saturday evening, WrW and i are planning to see invasion of the body snatchers at the cemetary in la.  we’ll take a picnic, maybe some wine, lay out the blanket, and get creeped out.  i can’t wait!  has anyone seen it??

*sunday…gonna relax with my pops and have a nice dinner with the fam.

i’m wearing…
navy linen dress – thrifted
red obi belt –
courtesty of christina
necklace –
dear golden vintage
wedges – cathy jean

the linen dress was thrifted from salvation army for $6!  i love that it is so simple and the silhouette is super flattering…i can dress it up, dress it down, and wear it all year long!

my little photographer.

have a great weekend, friends!



ps.  the title is a quote by leonardo da vinci

how she wore it – split girl 2011

on one of my very first trips to the rose bowl flea market, i stumbled upon this odd beauty…

i was excited about it for a few reasons.

1.  i instantly fell in love with the colors and the pattern
2.  the tattered label said that it was from the egon von furstenberg collection
3.  it was still considered “winter” in most parts and i assumed that this chunky, navy, cool-patterned, ski lodge, designer sweater would be snatched up immediately.


it sat by itself in the shop for weeks.  i even dropped the price during a sale…

but it sat…and sat.

many items were pulled from the closet and whisked off to new homes while our bulky sweater friend hung lonely and sad…

then one day, a lovely lady named jaimeebee came along and snatched it up!

she ooo’d and ahhh’d and mentioned that she’s a clothing designer and that the sweater is going up on her fall inspiration board!

naturally, i was interested to see her “work”, so i asked if she had a website.

she explained to me that her husband owns ambiguous (clothing) and split.  she also has a blog (crabtastic) and offers craft classes in orange county!

we emailed back and forth a few times, i started following her blog and she occasionally visits mine!  (see how easily friends can be made?!)

more recently, she mentioned that she would be sending me a few pictures of the sweater…

i assumed this meant they’d be photos of her IN the sweater, hanging out with her adorable family on a random weekend outing…

wrong! (in a good way, wrong!)

this is what she meant…

do you see that?!  the sweater is making it’s debut in the SPLIT GIRL FALL 2011 look book/catalogue!

how cool is that??  this is what it’s all about, people!

i may not have created that sweater, but i pulled it from a dusty, moth-eaten pile of vintage clothing at the flea market.  and if it weren’t for me, jaimee wouldn’t have found it, and in turn might not have found some of the inspiration she was looking for!  yay!

i just think it’s so cool.

here’s a little background on split, via jaimee…

her hubby started the brand SPLIT in college and i guess the girl’s brand was pretty dope in the early 2000s.  however, he ended up leaving the company in 2006.  eventually, the other partners closed the brand (except for the swim line, which is still selling) and her hubby was able to obtain the company once again!

(to read jaimee’s post, click here)

currently, they are in the process of relaunching a men’s and women’s clothing line for fall 2011!

pay attention…are  you ready?  here’s the coolest part…

the line is vintage inspired!!
(apparently, the orig label was mainly skate/surf/swim focused.)

here are a few more photos…

are you dying?!  i am.  i can’t wait.  i think this line is going to be fantastic!

be on the lookout for SPLIT GIRL in spring/summer of 2011.

and go visit jaimee’s blog!  she offers craft tutorials, shares photos of her fave vintage finds and posts photos of her adorable daughter, ava!  (omg, she’s so freaking cute.)

jaimee, thank you thank you thank you for giving this sweater a home and a second shot at life.  ha!
i’ve enjoyed getting to know you and i’m totes excited about your designs…keep up the rad work!

**the photos in this post were borrowed from jaimee**

thanks for reading!