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chalkboard DIY


what do you do with a hideously ugly pantry?  you turn it into a chalkboard!

what you’ll need:

*skills {says mark}
*a willing and abled, sexy hunk of a husband {says mark}
*chalkboard paint
*paint brush + roller + painters tape
*1/2 inch square dowel for chalk tray {optional}

i don’t know that this project requires much explanation.  prime your space, add the {optional} chalk tray, then give it a couple of layers of chalkboard paint…voila!  instant creative space.  fun for the whole family.

we have to yet to purchase an eraser.  i’ve wiped it down with a wet paper towel, but it’s leaving a streaky residue.  i may have to google how to clean a chalkboard.  any suggestions?

ps.  if you’re wondering about the drawing…  we’re driving up the coast next month and staying in a yurt for a couple of nights… mark drew a picture.  zoey helped. 

diy halloween garland (a crafty satire)

before we begin, please know that i am not making fun of the diy’ers of the world.  this project started out as a genuine attempt at providing my readers with a simple do-it-yourself halloween project.  i saw it as an opportunity to show a different side of me – the crafty side!  and documenting via photos – a way  to practice our photography skills.  {not to mention, i can’t find our box of halloween decorations.  i think we sold them in a garage sale because we thought we were moving to illinois and i didn’t want to lug boxes of decorations across the country because i wanted to buy new ones.  that’s the real reason.)  so here i am…crafting instead of buying.  and making fun of myself.  i’m proud of the end result, but the middle parts…well…see for yourself.  let’s get started, shall we?

you will need:

other supplies needed {but not shown}:
*mini clothespins

supplies shown {but not needed}:
*witch stencil.  oh yeah, it’s cute.  but when traced onto paper, it looked like a candy corn with stubby arms.
*glow in the dark paint – waste of time.  no glowing happened. 

now that you have your supplies, let’s move on to steps one and two:

step one:
hand draw or trace a halloween inspired shape onto paper. i chose a pumpkin!
step two:
start cutting.  {in case of confusion, please see photo above.}

step three:
is not necessary.  unless maybe you apply layers and layers of paint. 
i did however, decide to draw faces on a couple of the pumpkins.  oh…you’ll need a marker for that.   

step four {of which there are no photos}:
tape yarn/twine/string to each side of your fireplace mantel.  use mini clothespins to secure your cut outs to the yarn/twine/string.  voila!  you are done. 

 in all seriousness, this is a really fun and easy craft if you have kids and/or don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations.  plus…it occurred to me that when halloween is over, the clothespins can be used to display just about anything!  photos, holiday cards, art work, your kid’s drawings, ect.

no matter how simple the craft, homemade decorations fill the home with originality and fun.  i would love for you to share your favorite halloween crafts!  feel free to leave a link in the comment section below.  :)

happy crafting!

wishlist for our home // pops of color

i am so bored with the place we live in…meh area, old cabinets, ugly carpet, horrible natural lighting, horizontal metal blinds and the worst ever on the planet wall-papered bathroom…not to mention, we’re renters.  which means we can’t do a whole lot to our place unless we ask first.  in the next couple of weeks, we plan to sit down and come up with a list of “upgrades” that might behoove the owner in the event that we move out and others move in.  in the meantime, i’ve been searching etsy for pieces of furniture, vintage knick knacks and other wacky finds that might add a bit of character to our humble {slightly out-dated} abode.  the collage above includes a few of my faves…enjoy!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

oh sweet friday // vol 31

this week…

my kids cracked me up, i consumed more coffee than usual, and i began preparing for a major shop update.

and here are some things i am loving…

apparently the zombie apocalypse is upon us.  call me crazy, but this is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. 

heading out west anytime soon?  i just love this visiting blogger’s “must see, must do, must eat” list for the la/hollywood area.  i live here and couldn’t have written it better.  rad photos, too. 

i have a crush.  she makes me want big curly hair and tattoos.  and a pair of half booties. 

check out all these drool-worthy recipes!  they look so easy and delicious and i believe a lot of the ingredients are via trader joe’s.  score!  {ps.  mandy not included}

LOLs.  {dear annie.  more, please!!}

this diy is adorable.  and what a great way to teach your little toddler host/hostess-in-training how to set a table!

father’s day is just around the corner!  looking for gift ideas??  check out my “man things” treasury on etsy. 

oh and happy june 1st!

horses and whatnot

i love scarves.

i wear them as belts, i’ve worn them as what i call a “modified suspender”, christina has worn them as tube tops…and of course, you can wear them in the more traditional ways, as well!

if you’re a thrifter, you know that vintage scarves are abundant and inexpensive in the thrift stores.

here’s one i found recently, at a garage sale, for one dollar.

yes.  cheap.

the fabric is very thin, it’s large, and it has an awesome print of horses and whatnot…definitely one of a kind.

i don’t know about you, but i’m totally diggin this scarf as a bolero/capelet/shawl thingy…

what do you think??

i mean, how often are you wearing a dress and you need something to keep your shoulders cozy, but a jacket is too bulky, a cardi is too long or casual, and that lace shawl is just too outdated and granny-like…

mmmmm hmmmm…me too!

so when i started messing around with the scarf and came up with this look…i thought it was fun and i had to share it with my stylish friends!

no brainer.

the only thing is…it may not look good with every dress, but try it out!  let me know what you think!

oh and…

i’ve provided a video to show you how i tied it.


[VIMEO 13869030]

sorry about the loud windy noise and the sirens!  haha!  i should have added music or something, but i’m just not that advanced.

also, i did have a funny one…complete with me chomping my gum like a maniac (i’m never chewing gum around people again), getting spooked because i thought my neighbor was creeping, the beeping of a large truck backing up, and me laughing at myself because i couldn’t get ahold of the scarf.

ahhh..i’m only human, what can i say?

thanks for tuning in.

ps…today is the last day to enter my giveaway!!  you have until 4pm (pacific).

good luck!



i’m wearing…
vintage scarf – garage sale
dress – local boutique
wedges – vintage, etsy