bf+v loves // little knitty things

there’s nothing i love more than supporting a fellow blogger and/or etsy shop owner – and if i can give you a heads up on a great seller or product…you bet i’m gonna!

today, i’d like to introduce Little Knitty Things by mel of une vie geniale !  mel offers adorable knit hats and headbands in an array of colors and styles.  have something specific in mind?  she also accepts custom orders!

i contacted mel several months ago about knitting an owl hat for zoey.  we discussed size, colors, style, price, etc and within a couple of weeks…we had the adorable hat you see above!  the quality is solid, the materials soft, the style exactly what i wanted, and mel was so wonderful to work with!

whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea or something nice for yourself, please keep Little Knitty Things in mind.

xo, paige

ps.  please vote for us, today!


happy friday

look what i just bought from j flair goods on etsy…

**j flair goods offers beautiful japanese fabrics, adorable stamps, tape, stickers and MORE to etsy sellers and other creative peeps!  i recommend taking a gander…you won’t be disappointed.**

see the little girl in the corner??  she’s going on the new packaging that i’m working on for the shop!  i’m so excited to go buy all the supplies!

now for the sad news…because i wanted the stamps so badly, i was unable to purchase this darling dress from little ocean annie.  *sigh*  i had visions of tea parties and garden frolicking in this dress…but alas, right now i am on a budget and investing in my shop seemed more important than looking cute.  (please note – you will never hear me say that again.)

oh!  and please go visit her blog…also called little ocean annie.  i look forward to reading her posts, daily.  she’s adorable and funny and so down to earth.  enjoy!

UPDATE (3/1/10) – turns out i’m getting the dress!!  :)


while i have you here…

don’t forget that i’m posting the new items tomorrow on etsy!

it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow in socal, so what better way to spend a rainy day than indoors, on my computer, with a cup of tea in hand?

i know it’s snowy and cold in other areas, so i thought i’d leave ya’ll with happy thoughts of sun, warm temps and salty ocean water!  (my mom and stepdad were in FL this week and she snapped a pic of this gorgeous sunset.)


proud fan

in case you haven’t seen this yet, the NY Times featured an article on Etsy this week!

it’s pretty eye opening for me, as i am realizing very quickly just how time consuming it is to not only have a full time job, but to plan and start a hobby/side business.  blogging, networking, shopping for vintage items, photographing the items, pricing, researching, packaging, etc…my thoughts just don’t stop…it’s all i think about these days.

the good news – i’m excited about it!  it’s overwhelming, but i have a good feeling about my future endeavors.  i’m learning to take it slow and to be realistic, because the type of success i currently seek… doesn’t happen overnight.

i’ve posted a link to the article, below…

here’s the plan, stan

okay, now that i’ve told you how i got here (how did i get here??), i should probably fill you in on what i’m doing here.

for the last couple of years, i’ve been obsessed with a little website known as – Etsy.  i’m always shocked when people tell me that they’ve never heard of it, so for those of you who haven’t…i’ll provide the Wikipedia definition…

Etsy is a website that provides the general public with a way to buy and sell handmade items as well as vintage items and craft supplies. Handmade items cover a wide range including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles, bath & beauty products, and toys. The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods for a fee.It has been compared to “a crafty cross between Amazon and eBay”,and to “your grandma’s basement”.

so, now that you know what it is, you must go check it out!

anyway, my obsession started with simply perusing  handmade goods – holiday cards, jewelry, art…then i started buying birthday gifts, christmas gifts and organic candles.  i was absolutely amazed by all the talent.   it was like going to a craft fair, only online!  but then…i discovered the VINTAGE shops…i would click for hours!  i was enamored with the gorgeous vintage dresses, old cowboy boots, luggage, jewelry…you name it, i was obsessing over it.  eventually, i made my first “vintage” purchase – a retro, vinyl carry-on luggage-type bag.  i fell in love and HAD to have it.  *sigh*

the obsession only grew from there.  not only would i click and shop for hours, but i started reading the blogs of the people who opened these shops.  i dug the styling – pairing vintage skirts with boots and tights, victorian shirts adorned with lace and ruffles paired with skinny jeans, even boy’s catholic school blazers were a hot commodity!

i started to think to myself…i can do this!  i have an eye for fashion.  i get a thrill out of finding things that are now “one of a kind” for $5.00 at a local thrift store.  i can put cute outfits together if i rummage through my closet and accessorize…i can do this and i WILL do this…

…and here we are.  the plan is to open my very own Etsy shop by march of 2010; however, i wanted to start this blog first, because – #1. it’s fun, #2. i like to write and #3. i love the idea of networking with like-minded people, who share the same interests.

although the point is to use this website to showcase the vintage items i will eventually sell, i’d also like to use this blog to talk about any and all things fashion related.  i’ll probably even share things about my life, my son, trips i go on, etc.

i’m excited!  cheers to big things in 2010!