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sunday funday!

not really…i’m still in my sweats, it’s cloudy and rainy outside and i’m getting a massage at 4.  more like, “sunday, sit on my BUN(S)day.

i haven’t been completely worthless though…i’ve managed to post a few new items in the shop!  you can see them in more detail here, but i’ve provided a quick preview…

1.  vintage dancing dolls t-strap shoes
2.  white and gold weaved wedge heel sandals
3.  vintage floral tapestry jewelry box

and because i have a sense of humor…

4.  red emergency poncho – one size fits all
5.  1980 sony walkman cassette player
6.  jazz – the fashion flashlight (wtf?!)

now let’s be serious!

yesterday, WrW and i went on a house hunting trip.  we found an amazing “french cottage” in a great neighborhood!  i’m so excited, we’re seeing it on wednesday.  french doors throughout, hardwood floors, renovated bathrooms, large backyard, fireplace, light turquoise walls(!), etc etc…i’m in love.  we also found a back up house…in case the one we love falls through. which would be very sad.  i’ll probably cry.  no joke.  fingers crossed for us, okay??  so, as we were driving around the ‘hood, we drove past an estate sale that looked pretty interesting.  needless to say, i insisted that we make a quick stop.

turns out, the sale was for an elderly woman who recently checked herself into an “old folks” home.  (i realize that’s not PC.  if i’ve offended anyone, i apologize.)  apparently this woman was a go-go dancer in the 60’s!  she had a shopping addiction and didn’t wear half of the items they found in her closets!  the estate sale director was charging an arm and a leg for most items, so i was a bit frugal with my pickings…in the end though, she ended up giving me an amazing deal for the items i really wanted! she also asked for my email address and put me on her estate sale mailing list!!

unfortunately, i liked a few of the items so much, i must keep them and wear them a few times before they go into the shop.

i took a few pics to show you some of the items i’ve currently thrifted, but refuse to part with until i need to make room for more. wink wink

yellow dress – joseph magnin, rose bowl flea market
boots – vintage nine west – goodwill
vintage 70s juice jar – goodwill
khaki colored dress – estate sale find
blue/green floral day dress – estate sale find
vintage wool shell –  estate sale
vintage silk navy skirt – estate sale

okay, time to log off and go get my massage!  i SO need it.  also, my son comes home tonight!!  haven’t seen him in over a week…he was at his dad’s for easter/spring break.  can’t wait to snuggle and chit chat with him.  :)

hope everyone had a nice weekend!

oh!  and go check out all the new listings in my shop!!!  BAREFOOT & VINTAGE on etsy




etsy update – i’m missing millionaire matchmaker…

…good thing i never have to tivo anything on bravo because they replay the F*$K out of their shows.  thanks, bravo!

1.  leather/suede(?) crocheted pullover sweater S/M/L
2.  70s brad whitney corduroy jacket S/M/L
3.  vintage white pocket sweater S/M/L

1.  vintage mustard yellow ethnic tunic S – R E S E R V E D
2.  80’s floral print jumper S
3.  vintage puff sleeve and lace top

1.  vintage batik style mustang tunic S/M
2.  70s lavender and red striped tunic S/M
3.  80’s lily pad cross button collared ascot blouse S/M/L

hi friends!

i hope everyone had a great weekend…i sure did!  in fact, i’m dying to provide you with a weekend post, but the pics are on WrW’s camera and we’ve been too busy and live too far apart to make a quick exchange.  speaking of living too far apart…maybe not for long!!  we’ve actually been looking at places…which means we’re gearing up for a “move-in”!  he found a place that he’s so smitten with…it has wood floors, a big yard, white picket fence…i am not kidding, that’s for REALZ…2 bedroom/2 bath, nice kitchen, i think maybe a fireplace, etc… i’m excited!  hopefully i’ll get to see it tomorrow, as we’re heading to SF on friday morning.  yay!  it’s hands down one of my fave cities.  my son has to do a mission project this year and he chose the san francisco mission.  i’m sure we’ll visit a few museums and stroll around the city, as well.  it’ll be nice to get away.  (and no, i most definitely did NOT persuade him to choose that mission…)  wink wink

anyway, all this busy talk means that i won’t have much time for posts this week, but i’m here, keeping up with my faves and letting ya’ll know that i’ve updated the shop.

see ya!