the weekend

photo collage

*hitting the gym on a friday night.  oh how my life has changed…
*a delicious breakfast smoothie – try it!
*zoey started gymnastics on saturday – i took a bunch of pictures and plan to share them with you soon!
*we’ve been spending most of our weekends outside – zoey naked, me sunbathing.

i hate to be so brief, but i gotta run…i hope ya’ll had a happy and safe 4th/holiday weekend with your families and friends!

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our weekend

PicMonkey Collage


1.  taylor had a friend spend the night.  they played outside until sunset, brought home a baby crow that had fallen out of its nest, had tacos and lots of soda {shhhh}, then camped out on the couch watching things they probably shouldn’t have been watching.  i tried to ask them about chicks and stuff, but all i got out of them is that they have a crush on the same girl and that “she’s nice and very good-looking” … which caused lots of boy giggles.  i feel like i’m probably one of those “cool moms.”  fist pump.

2.  meet petey.  the crow that was brought home, wrapped in a towel, blinking it’s sad little eyes at me.  the boys were adamant that he had a broken leg and wing, so we placed petey in a box and mark called animal control.  after a lengthy discussion, we determined that petey was a juvenile crow, most likely pushed out of the nest by mom and dad.  what looked to the boys like an injured bird, was simply a young bird, not quite ready to stretch his wings and take flight.  we were advised to put him back where they found him, as mom and dad would keep an eye out and continue to feed the little guy until he was strong enough to get his own trash out of our trash cans food.  although apprehensive, the boys took him back, with a bowl of water and said their good-byes.  petey was gone the next morning… fingers crossed he’s safe and sound.  it’s moments like these that remind me how kind-hearted taylor is.  he’s nearly a teenager, so sometimes it’s hard to see that through the crazy hormones and less than stellar attitude.  plus, if he doesn’t watch it, i may nudge him out of the nest, too.  kidding.


3.  milk drunk.  i know, i know…i need to stop giving her a bottle.  she’ll be two in august and i still give her one twice a day – in the am and before bed.  it’s not her, it’s me.  a.  i’m not ready to let go!  and b.  when i give her a sippy cup of milk, she cocks her eyebrow and hands it back to me.  who’s the boss, here?   i’m working on it…

4.  we ate suckers and took a ridiculous amount of selfies while daddy washed the cars. 

5.  and then zoey gave me a pedicure.  pretty, huh?  {more photos later this week.}


6.  we got up early, dropped the kids off at nonnie and papa’s house and headed to the vintage market {more on this later.}  afterwards, we hung out with friends – drank beer by the pool and got some burns sun.  oh, and i took this selfie. 

hello, summer.  :)

easter weekend {via instagram}

photo 1-13photo 2-13photo 3-11photo 4-8photo 2-12photo 1-12

1.  date night {ish}
2.  margaritas and mexican food…the best.
3.  i made these!  from scratch!  all by myself!  lemon blueberry muffins.
4.  i mean…cute. 
5.  mi familia on easter sunday.
6.  i ended the day with a rainbow peep kabob.   

i hope you had a lovely easter weekend, too. 

happy monday!

our weekend

photo 1-11photo 3-10photo 2-11photo 4-7photo 5-6photo-6

i don’t have much time to chat today, but thought i’d share a few photos from our totally awesome weekend.  i say totally awesome because for the first time in a long time, it was simply the best combination of getting stuff done, being social {yes!  i made it out of my sweats!}, and hanging out as a family {without stressing over homework or projects or something like that.} 

i hope you had a nice weekend, too!

ps.  i’m sure you’re noticing some changes…stay tuned as we tweak a few things here and there…i’ll let you know when the updates have been completed.

1.  juice this:  2 apples, 1 asian apple pear, 4 carrots, 3 beets, kale, spinach and 1 lemon – it was good!
2.  we had dinner with friends at umami burger.  delish. 
3.  it was a nice evening, but suuuuper creepy foggy.  
4.  farmer’s market-ing
5.  i made fresh flower arrangements! 
6.  and then we enjoyed an adult beverage. 

cheers to a lovely week!

weekend snaps

photo 1-10photo 3-9photo 4-5photo 2-8photo 1-8

we had a really great weekend, but i’m not gonna lie – 50% of it was spent tending to a clingy, unhappy baby – coughing, not sleeping or eating well – we think she’s teething because she points to her mouth and says, “teeeeee.”  {that and…there are other obvious signs.}  yes, it’s adorable.  but not that adorable when you’re lacking sleep.  she woke up this am with a fever and her cough sounds a little wheezy.  i called the doctor to confirm that fever/cough/runny nose is associated with teething, but i was wrong – turns out it’s a very common misconception that those symptoms have something to do with growing teeth.  they don’t.  so, i’m off today and taking her to the doctor later this afternoon.
another interesting thing happened this weekend… i was doing the laundry, had just finished loading the washer and went to grab for the detergent cup…turns out mark had rinsed the cup, accidentally leaving maybe an inch of watery soap in the bottom…and then it splashed into my eyes. it was freaking painful.  and dramatic.  i ran in from the garage yelling mark’s name, rubbing and clawing at my stinging eyes, throwing blame at mark, convinced that i was going blind.  eventually i was able to see again, but the pain lasted throughout the day.  even this morning, i woke up with a crusty, puffy eye.
the good news:  we went on two dates!  no kiddos!  wine!  food!  friends!  i love my husband.  mostly we’re just on autopilot…trapped by the day-to-day, but when we get a break from our routine and it’s just the two of us…i’m quickly reminded of how much fun he is, how easy it is to be with him.  he’s just so great.  of course, that was before he inadvertently threw soap in my eyes.  {wink wink.  i keed.}

anyway…happy monday!

1.  taylor volunteered at the homeless shelter on saturday morning.  i’m wondering if i should pretend to be homeless in order to get him to make eggs for breakfast…i’ll keep you posted.
2.  we celebrated a beautiful friend’s fabulous 40th.
3.  and then we went to a bar and then to see this is 40.  it was okay.  the main attraction was the theater itself – reclining seats and servers.  we ordered sushi and a delicious mini pizza.  popcorn shmopcorn.
4.  zoey was miserable most of sunday.  in good spirits, but very lethargic and clingy.  she spent the day snoozing on our laps or screaming in our faces.
5.  mark bought a shit ton of fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market.  we are gonna juice-it-up this week! 

update:  took zoey to the doctor.  as i mentioned – fever, cough, wheezing, labored breathing – and while she tested negative for RSV, the doctor is still concerned.  so, they gave her a breathing treatment while we were at the doctor’s office.  and although it helped a bit, we’ll have to use a nebulizer for the next several days.  fingers crossed she gets well soon. 

also…it took me all day to write this post.

oh sweet friday // vol 39

photo 1-7photo 2-7photo 3-6photo 4-4
1. we’re juicing! try this: beet, apple, pear, carrot, lemon and romaine lettuce.
2. i had the most delicious flatbread pizza for lunch – mushroom, caramelized onions, goat cheese and truffle oil. i may need to recreate this at home.
3. little wren got new shoes!
4. i tried something new with my nails. and guess what? it was something i pinned! i’m on a roll.

this week went by really fast!  so pumped for the weekend.  we’re celebrating a friend’s 40th tomorrow – sans kids!  that like, never happens.  wine, adults and…well…wine.  also, this week – taylor participated in his school’s geography bee – how cute is that?!  we weren’t allowed to attend, though…he says we’re embarrassing.  i’m bummed that we missed it, but secretly…i love being embarrassing. 

i don’t have any links to share this week, but if you don’t mind… please vote for me on the circle of mom’s top 25 fashion & beauty moms!   i dropped down to #26, so please help me out.  thanks!

happy weekending!