oh sweet friday // vol 43


sweater – target // skirt, wedges – thrifted // vintage coach – garage sale find

 *another pinspired look!  {and one of the first things i ever pinned.}

around the web this week…

*loving these diy jewelry kits!  so cool.

*absolutely smitten with infiniteseas on tumblr. 

*i’m on the fence about wedge sneakers, not sure i can pull them off.  but i’ll be damned if andrea doesn’t make it look so tempting!

*making this, for sure.  mmm mmm good!

*i have really talented friends.  right?!

*falling on repeat. 

*one teaspoonskull knockeryes.

also, i wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on the motivated post.  {i plan to reply to all, individually.}  it really means a lot that you shared your stories and struggles.  it’s apparent to me that whether big or small, moms or not – most of us just want to be healthy and feel comfortable in our skin.  the hardest part is staying motivated and making the right choices.  i think motivated will become a regular feature on barefoot & vintage:  healthy recipes, tips/tricks, inspirational photos, etc…

have a lovely weekend, friends!  we have no plans.  maybe a little spring cleaning and a trip to the farmer’s market. 


oh sweet friday // vol 41

osf 2.15

this week’s pinterest faves

*i love this print.  sometimes you just gotta go for it, you know?
*we must do something with our bedroom – it’s blah.  mismatched/hand-me-down furniture, no character, no romance…all function, no fun.  i love this room:  white walls, wood flooring, the furniture…and that blanket! 
*obsessed over andrea’s hairstyle !  romantic and tough.  sign me up. 
*i don’t need these boots, but they are really amazing and i really want them. 

*neon friendship bracelets…love.

*engaged?  know someone who is?  enter the engagement session raffle over at gather west photography! 

*this snack looks delicious and oh so simple.  i love easy food. 

*btw…have you entered the gage huntley designs giveaway?  one lucky winner will get to choose a piece of jewelry from amanda’s shop – go enter!  also, she’s giving my friends/readers 25% off with code barefoot.  get it girl!

*lately, zoey has taken a strong interest in coloring {okay, scribbling} – yay!  and while i’m delighted that i may have a little budding artist, it drives me insane when she eats the crayons…gross.  after a little research {i didn’t have to go far – thanks bluum!}, i found these organic, eco-friendly, edible art supplies for babies & toddlers!  sidewalk chalk, paints, crayons…these are a must-have.  after i place an order and we give em a try, i promise to provide you with a little review.

hooray for the weekend and a long one at that! 

cheers, friends. 

oh sweet friday // vol 40

friday 2{image}

peace out, week.  {i love this photo – the styling, the colors…it’s absolutely perfect.}

anyway…happy friday, friends!  thought i’d share a few links:

*i started a new {group} board on pinterest – things moms lovecheck it out!  it could end up being a really good resource, with reviews of products and such.  if you’re a mommy and you’d like to join, let me know.  would love to have you!

*speaking of moms + kiddos… if you’re looking for a unique gift idea – maybe for a grandparent {or yourself!} – visit kidz can design.  cute concept!

*dying over this adorable sailor outfit

*just purchased this nail kit from julep!  looking forward to a much-needed girl’s night in – wine, appies, good conversation, fun nails, and my bestie.  can’t wait.

*rashida jones {girl crush alert!} – she’s gorgeous, has pretty hair, and is on one of my favorite shows.  i love this interview she did with dawn o’porter.  adorable!  {i really can’t get enough of the conversation.}

*sometimes fashion is rough and tough.  it’s gritty.  it’s hard-working.  it’s outdoorsy.  that being said, i’m totally smitten and pleasantly surprised with the carhartt women’s blog/line.  i say pleasantly surprised because, growing up, carhartt was mainly worn by the farm boys and the hunters.  not any more!  the women’s line is full of chambray, flannel, and cute jackets.  check out the blog for diy’s, style and interesting articles on chicks who get shit done.  also, if you have an interesting craft or trade…you could be featured on their blog! 

*this new to me blogger is pretty dang cute.  harvesting gold // sun spots

*cutest family, cutest photos

*just in time for vday!  decorate your desktop with these love inspired wallpapers.

and some thoughts:  i’m not sure about vine.  i’ve made a couple of videos, but…meh.  i simply cannot let myself get wrapped up in yet another social media app.  also, on style blogging – i’m loving it.  i can’t do it every day {timing, kids, etc}, but when i do have time…it’s been fun, i’ve missed it.  expect more!  and lastly, i’m thinking about going the ombre route with my hair…thoughts?  i like this

 okay…enjoy!  and have a lovely weekend.

oh sweet friday // vol 38

1/2/3 – we had monday off!  zoey and i played for a bit, then went for a nice walk while mark watched football and taylor overdosed on video games.  {ps.  zoey thinks anything with fur and four legs is a dog.  she totally lost her mind over those dogs horses.}
4 – our latest obsession – candy cane oreos.  sweet jesus, they are delicious.  
5 – what i wore on thursday. 
6 – tis the season for egg nog. 

i haven’t shared my favorite links in a while, but i’m always lurking around the web – pinning recipes i’ll never make, lusting over boots i can’t afford and visiting my favorite bloggers.  here’s a roundup of {a few of} my most recent faves.  enjoy!

 *several months ago, i sent Amanda this vintage/80s/thrifted dress.  she styled it perfectly

*thanks to my friend ashley, i am now completely obsessed with this app.  come play with me!  username: redhedpixie

*i think it’s time for a cleanse.  i’ll be doing some research this weekend.  the most pressing concern:  will i be able to “juice” an oreo? 

*guilty.  but hilarious.  like…omgwhydidntithinkofthishilarious.

*how cool are these?

*i’m determined to make these delicious looking hand pies.  wish me luck. 

i must go now.  all of this blogging is getting in the way of playing word games on my phone. 

happy friday!

oh sweet friday // vol 32

listen:  emeli sande – soulful and beautiful

look:  40 of the most powerful photos ever taken

enjoy:  beautycrunch.  you’re welcome.

follow:  me!  on pinterest.  i’m obsessed.  yes, i am a little late to the party.  and?

you guys…zoey has been trying to say her name!  “zuh zuh zuh”  so freaking cute.  and also ball, but it comes out as “dall” because she can’t do b’s yet. 

i mean, she kills me. 

happy weekending, friends!

oh sweet friday // vol 31

this week…

my kids cracked me up, i consumed more coffee than usual, and i began preparing for a major shop update.

and here are some things i am loving…

apparently the zombie apocalypse is upon us.  call me crazy, but this is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. 

heading out west anytime soon?  i just love this visiting blogger’s “must see, must do, must eat” list for the la/hollywood area.  i live here and couldn’t have written it better.  rad photos, too. 

i have a crush.  she makes me want big curly hair and tattoos.  and a pair of half booties. 

check out all these drool-worthy recipes!  they look so easy and delicious and i believe a lot of the ingredients are via trader joe’s.  score!  {ps.  mandy not included}

LOLs.  {dear annie.  more, please!!}

this diy is adorable.  and what a great way to teach your little toddler host/hostess-in-training how to set a table!

father’s day is just around the corner!  looking for gift ideas??  check out my “man things” treasury on etsy. 

oh and happy june 1st!

oh sweet friday // vol 30

this week:

new bracelets // a standing, moving, silly baby // kale and chickpea soup.  we’re on the 21 day diet // sock bun fun // rogue carts // mohawk! // ootd


are you a foodie or know someone who is??  check out this great gift idea.

this dress needs to me on me.  and this one.  and this one

gah!  look at these camera straps!

these {in pink} …or these {in natural} ? 

how much fun are these photos!


have a lovely weekend!