i flossed for two hours last night.

 here it is.  white after labor day.  pssshhht.  and? 

i imagine my east coast friends are tsk tsking, “girl, you’re committing a fashion crime.” 

and my west coast friends are all, “hell yeah girl, you should be wearing all white.  have you been outside today?  it’s a thousand degrees!” 

2pac and biggie have nothing on this rival. 

 so, i have a dentist appt today.  dun dun duuuuuun. 

don’t judge, but…i haven’t been in years. 

i think my fear of sitting in that torture chair stems from horrific childhood memories of my dentist gagging me with oversized mouth trays filled with thick gel-like fluoride, scraping my teeth with that sharp hook thingy, shooting my gums with novocaine, then ripping my teeth out with shiny metal pliers. 

all that due to a small mouth and overcrowding…it’ll scar you for life. 

 not to mention the fact that i have to keep my mouth open for so long…is so freaking irritating.  (i mean, that should be a voluntary thing.  wink wink nudge nudge.)  

in more exciting news… 

i received a positive comment from a coworker.  TWO, actually! 


“there she is, my ralph lauren model.  especially today.” 

(whaaaaaaaa?!  awesome.)  

and then… 

“you’re more catalog today.  playing it safe, i guess.  lately, the looks have been very runway.” 

(huuuuuuuuuuh??  where am i?  who are you?  what have you done with my coworkers?) 

truth is, i liked the idea of this outfit (which was worn yesterday), but the skirt was so poofy and white that i felt fat in it all day long.  figures my coworkers would like something that i’m not diggin. 

i’m not complaining.  i’ll take “ralph lauren model” any day of the week. 

 keeping with my randomness today… 

taylor took a picture that is “fall inspired”. 

he calls it, “fall sky with trees” 

enjoy it.  and enjoy your wednesday! 

xo, paige 

i’m wearing…
chambray button up – target
necklaces – gifts
belt – local boutique
90s esprit skirt – thrifted
vintage wedges – etsy





5 inch heels and numb arms

my coworkers refered to me as snow white…




really?  sure, i’m wearing a long yellow skirt like her, but…


i was also likened to a quaker and a “churchy girl”.

i used to get super sensitive and insecure about these off the wall, ridiculous comments from my coworkers.

but now…

it’s blog material.

*big grin*

here’s the original look…

i’m wearing…
tank – abercrombie & fitch (from years ago)
skirt – thrifted
vintage blazer – etsy
dooney and bourke belt – thrifted
shoes – garage sale

i only lasted for about 10 minutes in that blazer.  although it’s great, it’s teeny tiny.  i literally cannot lift my arms to shoulder level. and within seconds, they go numb.

typing, answering the phone, reaching for a cup of coffee, picking my nose…all very difficult tasks in this adorable, boy fit, shrunken blazer.

i dig fashion, but i don’t suffer for it.

(i’m lying.  give me a few drinks and i’ll work a pair of 5 inch heels like the rent depends on it.  which is hysterical, because i can hardly walk in regular heels.)


i’m selling this yellow skirt.  interested?  email me at barefootandvintage@gmail.com

details – lovely yellow color with accordion pleating.  sits on natural waist.
condition – excellent
label – ralph lauren
size – 4
length – 35 1/2 in
waist – 12 1/2 in
price – $20 (this price includes shipping for US.)

it really is lovely.  and great for fall!

let me know.

have a wonderful weekend, my dears!

xo, paige


a lazy weekend is just what the doctor ordered!

taylor and i hung out in our jammies for most of saturday morning…we watched legends of the fall, i caught up on emails, he played his nintendo ds…  i felt like a bum, but ended up getting a lot accomplished!

we finally ventured out into the sunlight, but only long enough to run an errand and snap a few photos.  (morgan, this backdrop is dedicated to you!)

saturday evening we finished season 3 of lost!  today we’re planning to start season 4!  no spoilers, please!  (i know, lots of exclamation points, but it’s exciting!!  that show is crazy bananas.)

i’m also planning to list a few items in the shop.  so maybe stop by later today or tomorrow.  thanks!  the 20% discount is still good for 3 more days!

um…i kinda need to get something off my chest…

over the last couple of weeks, i’ve stumbled across a few blogs where the authors have shared what they think is blog appropriate.

meaning…how long a post should be, what the photos should look like, even content dos and don’ts – what’s okay to share and what’s not.

here’s what i think…

blogs are a very personal space.  sure, when you put your thoughts on the internet, people are bound to find them and may even comment.  essentially though, blogging started out as a virtual “journal”, if you will.  a place where anyone can share anything!  recipes, photos, ideas, life experiences, advice, etc…it can be therapeutic in a way.  and when people respond and share their thoughts, connections are made.

in the “fashion” blogging world, i’m sure it’s a tad different.  most people do want to see photos of outfits and that’s about it; however, as you get to know someone, virtually or not, you want to know more!  it becomes a space for sharing and talking.  quite frankly, most of us aren’t solely about what we wear.  we have lives, kids, husbands, family problems, work issues, epiphanies, travels to be shared and so on so forth.

i think it’s only natural that you start to share more of yourself.

so to those people who don’t want to hear people like me bitching or complaining or sharing personal experiences…you don’t have to read my blog.

simple as that, kids.

i just don’t think you should let anyone tell you what your blog should be about or how it should look.  and if you’re just starting out…it’s your space, do what you want!  if you are you…people will dig what you’re puttin’ out there.

oh and ps, in regards to my spider post…i’m really not a mean spider killer!  in fact, i actually have a weird soft spot for bugs and creatures.  snails for example…i think they’re cute.  i hate it when people throw them or smash them or put salt on them…it’s mean!  however, there are a few bugs that creep me out so much so, that if i see one in my home…my first instinct is to smash them.  spiders, pincher bugs and any type of beetle.  i know spiders kill other bugs, but when they’re in my home, i just feel like they’re having a party in my bed or on my face while i’m fast asleep.  eeeeeeeeee.  gross.


happy sunday!



i’m wearing…
vest – ?
tube top – urban outfitters
90s grunge floral skirt – thrifted
sandals – target

*images by taylor*

1 skirt, 3 ways. and more.


assuming that you noticed, i apologize for yesterday’s absence.

i returned home from san diego pretty late on sunday night and didn’t feel much like blogging.

sometimes we need a break, yeah?

i had a great weekend…champagne and thai food saturday night (after a loooong drive and hideous traffic), a great run on sunday morning, a few changes made to the blog, new items in the shop, and then dinner with good friends.  it was so worth a total of 5 hours in the car for one night and one day with my family.

speaking of changes to the blog…did you see them?!  new banner, new profile pic, new etsy shop logo/button…

click on it!  it’ll take you straight on over to barefoot & vintage on etsy.

like i said, i added a few new items, so now you have an excuse to go look.

*wink wink*

for those of you who entered my giveaway…thank you!  but more importantly, i wanted to let you know that it’s been great reading your favorite inspirational quotes, lyrics, etc…

i realize it’s not the typical “add me to your twitter/bloglovin/googleconnect/facebook” giveaway strategy…

but those get old.  besides!  who can’t benefit from an uplifting, positive quote??

so, if you haven’t already…go HERE for deets and to enter my giveaway!

i’m wearing…
“chambray” button up – mossimo, target
skirt – thrifted
hat – borrowed
purse – vintage coach
sandals – local boutique

one more thing before i go.

i am pretty much in love with this skirt, but i’ve had my fun with it…


i’m selling it.

it’s in the shop, available for purchase!

other new items…




waiter!  there’s a fly in my…coffee?!

WrW and i had breakfast at our fave place in silver lake on sunday.  now that he lives in the city, we haven’t been in weeks!  we usually take the dog, so we sit outside at our favorite table and enjoy the people watching. 

right in the middle of telling him a story…a little tiny fly lands PLOP! right in my coffee.  i thought it was funny so i snapped a pic.  then i scooped him out with a spoon. 

and yes, i continued to drink my coffee. 

after breakfast, i wanted to snap some photos of my outfit, so we headed over to the music box steps.  
the music box is a laurel and hardy short film comedy released in 1932.  it was on these very steps where they filmed a very hilarious scene in which they must deliver a piano up this particularly long, narrow flight of stairs. 

just a little piece of hollywood film history for ya!

you guys, i can’t stop with the top knot!  (woah…major accidental rhyming.)  i think it’s here to stay, at least for the summer!  it’s so easy to twist and tuck and go!  even if i’m having a shitty hair day, the top knot always looks good. 

i’m wearing…
black tube top – urban outfitters
belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted (going in the shop!)
purse – vintage coach, thrifted from a garage sale

 ps.  the steps go a lot higher than this.  i just wanted to show you the sign.

another photo of the man and i…love love love him!

kinda off topic, but i went to an estate sale on saturday and i have to say…it was kinda creepy.  everything laid out for the public to look through and buy.  things that were once cherished and loved by someone.  part of me felt really bad about going through a deceased woman’s clothing and belts and shoes.  i didn’t find much…a vintage mirror for my purse and a few belts. 

and then i wondered…what if this woman was evil and by purchasing these items and taking them from her home and now into mine…what if she haunts me?  will her spirit follow that navy blue and white striped belt?  maybe it was her favorite and she’s pissed that i bought it for one friggin dollar because she bought it for $20?! 

seriously, do any of you thrifters ever think about stuff like that??  i mean, what if one of the dresses you covet from the 60’s is cursed??  eek!

anyway…i’m kinda cranky today and originally i wanted to bitch and complain and vent about stupid stuff, but now i’m kinda over it! 

hope you’re all having a lovely day!  and thanks for all the nice comments!!  i look forward to hearing from you everyday. 



long skirts – i’m a leg up

you guys, my son left for spain yesterday.  he’s gone until july 8th.  *pout* 

what am i gonna do with all this free time?? 

typically i get kinda lazy. 

as soon as i’m a “single” person and can do whatever i want and don’t have to be anywhere or make dinner for anyone or be a MOM…my brain turns to mush.  i eat cereal for dinner, the dirty clothes pile up, i catch up on a lot of tv, i sleep in til the last possible minute…wait…i always do those things.  hmmmmm…maybe i should fly to vegas and party my ass off.  now that’s what you do when your kid is out-of-town!  (if only i could keep my eyes open past 1130…)  


i really dug this get up when i left the house in the morning.  but by the time i got home and started snapping pics…i was disappointed.  ever have one of those days?  the photos don’t turn out right, the outfit looks a little too disheveled and overall…you just look kinda haggard.  

ah well.  the only positive thing?  my hair is kinda big.  i think i was channeling amanda.  woot! 

i’m trying to find a good spot for etsy photos.  in a previous post, i mentioned a great area in WrW’s loft, but it’s not very convenient for changing clothes.  not only that, but it’s an open area and lots of peeps walk in and out.  and as much as i like showing my naked body to strangers, he just moved in, so i’ll wait a few more weeks before i start walking to the trash room, topless. 

you know, i’m kinda diggin the long skirts.  i guess it’s “in” or about to be “in” or something like that.  fyi…about me – i don’t read fashion magazines.  i’m not up on what’s about to be HAUTE. so if the long skirt thing is about to get BIG…well then i guess i’m just that cool and accidentally fell into a possible trend. *shrug* 

another thing you should know about me.  i like long skirts and prefer them to shorter skirts and shorts because, well…i don’t like my legs.  there, i said it.  now you know.  funny thing is…as “vain” as it may be for me to post pictures of myself on the internet, it has actually helped me get over that insecurity.  and trust me…it hasn’t just been a small insecurity.  for years now, i have worn jeans and pants in 100 degree weather because i don’t want people to see my little tree trunks, not to mention my friends have to hear this on a regular basis, “how do my legs look?”  

so guess what ladies?  i’m gonna rock the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS out of long skirts this summer.  and so should you. 

i know what you’re thinking…”paige, i’m short.  long skirts make me look shorter.”  or maybe you’re thinking…”um, long skirts are too conservative and not sexy at all.” 

well guess what?  i’m barely 5’3 and…this little number got a lot of nice compliments. 

so if you care to know, here are my tips for looking good in a long skirt:
1.  choose a skirt that is 2 to 3 inches above the ankle.  avoid floor length or ground skimming.
2.  shoes – sandals are fine, but for a sexier, elongating look…wear wedges.
3.  a high waist with a fuller skirt creates a flattering silhouette.
4.  i would suggest a solid color skirt.  patterns are fine too!  but if you’re short, skip horizontal lines.  look for chevron stripes…they’re great for tall and short peeps, not to mention it’s a great vintage pattern!
5.  for the top – if wearing a solid colored skirt, maybe choose a floral pattern tube top or bustier.  if the skirt has a pattern on it, i’d go with a solid color tank, tube top or t-shirt. 
6.  jewelry – i’m always a less is more type of girl, so i’d wear a long statement necklace or several layered necklaces.  i wouldn’t get too heavy on the jewelry, but that’s just me.  i like a simple look. 
7.  going out for the evening?  switch from wedges to heels, add a belt, and throw on a cute cropped cardigan or blazer. 


check out tamia over at the style sample (this chick gives good fashion) and of course…her hotness…zoe…of haiku ambulance.  

clearly, my ladies, i am not a pioneer…just a messenger and adoring fan of the long, flow-y skirt that hides my favorite imperfection.  expect to see many this summer…and well into the fall with boots and sweaters.  

okay…until next time… 



i’m wearing…
blouse – anthropologie
skirt – barefoot & vintage inventory
shoes – steve madden
necklace – vintage, thrifted
legs – mom and dad (boo, hiss)