palm springs – part two

this folks, is how i spent most of day two.

i woke up early and had snagged two lounge chairs by 830!  not only did i hear that the pool area fills up fast and gets super crowded, but apparently you’re not allowed to get up early, reserve chairs and head back to bed.  no siree…staff members were picking up towels, books, magazines and the occasional flip-flop, left and right!!  it was crazy.  people were pissed.  but hey…you snooze, you lose.

it was so nice.  i lounged, read my book, drank coffee…WrW finally came out around 11…we ordered lunch, (more than) a few drinks and simply relaxed in the 100+ heat!

i even made a few friends!  :)

around 3, we left the pool side to head into town for some thrifting!

boy did we score big.  (more on that in part three.)

from there, we headed back to our room to freshen up and head to dinner.

stripes and florals!  WrW dug it.  i did, too.  it’s quirky and cute!

you may recognize the red envelope purse in the pics.  yep!  it’s for sale in the shop!  buy it…it’s only $18!  in fact, if you mention that you saw it in this post, i’ll take $5 OFF!  hurry though…it could be snatched up by someone else! 

for dinner, we headed over to palm desert to castelli’s, an adorable little hole in the wall italian restaurant.  think east coast/sopranos meets member’s only wearing retirees in california.

the lighting was dim, a piano was playing in the background, the wine was flowing and the food was great!

needless to say, i had a few glasses of wine which led to lots of silliness once we got back to our room.  WrW got a few shots of me goofing around before i petered out and started yawning.

stick a fork in me, i’m done.

minutes later, i was snoozing the night away.

(i’m wearing the modcloth shirt you may have seen here and an adorable dress that i purchased from a local boutique.)

part three (the final part) is coming tomorrow!  stay tuned…

couple other things before i go –

1.  please check out the shop!  i’m adding new items this week and even relisted a few pieces that have been in the shop for a long time.  also, i’m thinking about having a big SPRING CLEANING sale!  (i’ll let you know…)

2.  BIG NEWS:  today, i’m getting a double dose of exposure in the blog world from two very lovely ladies!!  thank you kristin (of leproust vintage) and rachel (of mousevox vintage)!!!  i am truly honored that kristin is wearing one of my finds and that rachel mentioned me on her blog, as well.  :)

side note:  i’ve been advertising on kristin’s blog since the beginning of may.  it’s certainly helped with sales, so if you found me via leproust…cool!  and thanks for stopping by and/or making a purchase.  the best part though, has been getting to know kristin.  we’ve emailed back and forth several times and i’m learning a lot about this very stylish, business savvy, super intelligent woman!  thanks for all your help and support kristin!  i hope you’ll come visit california soon!

alright my dears, i must be going.

happy wednesday!




palm springs – part one

nothing makes me happier than getting out of my town.  especially with the man.  who doesn’t love taking off and leaving any and all worries behind?!

last weekend, i took friday off and we embarked on a short road trip to palm springs, ca.  otherwise known as…the desert.  it’s hot there, people!  but so fun.  great resorts, places to eat, shopping.  basically, you end up spending the day at the hotel/resort pool…where cabana boys and girls bring you drinks and food all day long.

at night, most peeps are found cruising the town or hanging out at a swanky hotel lounge or bar.

in fact, palm desert (which is probably a 20 minute drive up the road from palm springs) is a well known bachelor/bachelorette party destination!

we stayed at the riviera resort and spa.  originally, we were supposed to stay there during coachella weekend.  however, the hotel staff notified us that a PR company had basically taken over the entire hotel and we had two options – either we forfeit and choose another weekend OR we stay at the hotel, but only have access to certain areas of the resort…unless we wanted to pay $200!  for access to the pool and what else??  celebrities??  the bands??  who the hell was staying there??  anyway…

we chose another weekend.

once we arrived, late friday afternoon, we got acquainted with the hotel (very trendy, kinda gaudy), changed for dinner and took a walk to the main drag.

WrW got a few pics of me in our room.  check out marilyn on the wall!

i’m wearing a romper…can’t get enough of em…short, long…gimmie gimmie!

it’s not vintage though.  bummer.

even later in the evening, it was sooo nice outside!

we ended up at a great mexican restaurant…we indulged in margaritas, chips and salsa and guacamole!

more pics coming soon…



ps – i accidentally hit PUBLISH before i was ready to post!!  anyway, the cab driver on friday night offered this interesting information about our hotel…

1.  there’s a lot of drug traffic-ing (is that a word??)
2.  the woman who owns the hotel is the richest woman in palm springs.

and randomly – 3.  usually white people don’t own liquor stores.  (he really did say that.)

etsy preview

coming this week!!

*click on photos for a larger view*

light blue floral day dress

vintage 60s watercolor floral day dress

vintage taupe & white safari drop waist dress

vintage 70s boho maxi dress

white eyelet sleeve day dress

vintage 70s pink flower embroidered sweater

vintage lemon drop summer sweater

vintage hilo hattie butterfly sleeve tunic

i’ll be tweeting about these new items on TWITTER, as i post them on etsy, throughout the week.  add me!  barefootnvintag

if you really really really want something before it’s posted…let me know!

palm springs was a blast!  photos coming soon.



*photos taken in palm springs, ca by WrW*