the weekend

photo collage

*hitting the gym on a friday night.  oh how my life has changed…
*a delicious breakfast smoothie – try it!
*zoey started gymnastics on saturday – i took a bunch of pictures and plan to share them with you soon!
*we’ve been spending most of our weekends outside – zoey naked, me sunbathing.

i hate to be so brief, but i gotta run…i hope ya’ll had a happy and safe 4th/holiday weekend with your families and friends!

also, today is the last day to enter the gage huntley giveaway!


a photo an hour

photo 4
7 am – from the night before

photo 1
8 am – mark’s “eggs in a hole”

photo 2
9 am – getting dressed

photo 3
10 am – my most favorite accessory

photo 4_2
11 am – vintage kitsch

photo 3_2
12 pm – “junkessence” – also, my gage huntley peruvian bag

photo 2_2
1 pm – #poolday

photo 1_2
2 pm – cacti

photo 5
3 pm – a view

photo 5_2
4 pm – w/ the lovely roz

i think this photo an hour exercise is really great for the novice photographer.  it allows the person behind the lense to carefully evaluate each photo, readjust for different lighting throughout the day and to get more creative with each shot!

my intention was to use our nikon, but i ended up using the iphone for most shots – only because it was more convenient.  it sort of defeats the purpose, but maybe a pool day isn’t the best opportunity for getting to know my camera. 

anyway, sunday was the perfect day of flea market perusing and backyard lounging.  i see many more pool days in our future…

our weekend

PicMonkey Collage


1.  taylor had a friend spend the night.  they played outside until sunset, brought home a baby crow that had fallen out of its nest, had tacos and lots of soda {shhhh}, then camped out on the couch watching things they probably shouldn’t have been watching.  i tried to ask them about chicks and stuff, but all i got out of them is that they have a crush on the same girl and that “she’s nice and very good-looking” … which caused lots of boy giggles.  i feel like i’m probably one of those “cool moms.”  fist pump.

2.  meet petey.  the crow that was brought home, wrapped in a towel, blinking it’s sad little eyes at me.  the boys were adamant that he had a broken leg and wing, so we placed petey in a box and mark called animal control.  after a lengthy discussion, we determined that petey was a juvenile crow, most likely pushed out of the nest by mom and dad.  what looked to the boys like an injured bird, was simply a young bird, not quite ready to stretch his wings and take flight.  we were advised to put him back where they found him, as mom and dad would keep an eye out and continue to feed the little guy until he was strong enough to get his own trash out of our trash cans food.  although apprehensive, the boys took him back, with a bowl of water and said their good-byes.  petey was gone the next morning… fingers crossed he’s safe and sound.  it’s moments like these that remind me how kind-hearted taylor is.  he’s nearly a teenager, so sometimes it’s hard to see that through the crazy hormones and less than stellar attitude.  plus, if he doesn’t watch it, i may nudge him out of the nest, too.  kidding.


3.  milk drunk.  i know, i know…i need to stop giving her a bottle.  she’ll be two in august and i still give her one twice a day – in the am and before bed.  it’s not her, it’s me.  a.  i’m not ready to let go!  and b.  when i give her a sippy cup of milk, she cocks her eyebrow and hands it back to me.  who’s the boss, here?   i’m working on it…

4.  we ate suckers and took a ridiculous amount of selfies while daddy washed the cars. 

5.  and then zoey gave me a pedicure.  pretty, huh?  {more photos later this week.}


6.  we got up early, dropped the kids off at nonnie and papa’s house and headed to the vintage market {more on this later.}  afterwards, we hung out with friends – drank beer by the pool and got some burns sun.  oh, and i took this selfie. 

hello, summer.  :)

the style // 7.8.12

tank – marshall’s // skirt – target // purse + belt – vintage, thrift // sandals – aldo // hat – ?

{like the diva that i am, i had a wardrobe change mid photo-taking.}

so here i am, blogging about sunday on tuesday.  sunday was nice – while mark spent the day at the golf course, zoey and i stayed indoors where it was cool.  we made a trip over to goodwill in an attempt to buy other people’s crap, but left empty-handed.  later that evening we had us some delicious bbq, followed by frozen yogurt.  i like these easy summer days…

yet here i sit…my nose running like a faucet, mouth-breathing like a mo fo.  being sick in july is stupid.

fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

ps.  have you entered the beep clothing giveaway?

memorial day

our first beach trip of the summer!

the weather was perfect – clear skies and lots of sun. 

miss zoey dipped her toes in the water and dug her tiny hands in the sand. 

we buried taylor up to his neck and drew a bikini on him.

i worked on my tan, while mark swam with the fishes. 

sigh.  i could spend every day at the beach.

hope you had a nice memorial day, as well!

photos taken with instagram.  follow me – aka_paige

how she wore it – melanie


i’m still having a great time in the land of lincoln…

however, the humidity is so fierce that i can’t put together amazing outfits, let alone put together thoughts that make sense.

humidity makes my hair frizzy, my brain lazy, and all i really wanna do is be naked.

i really gotta hand it to all you midwest bloggers…you always manage to look amazing, despite the weather conditions…i don’t know how you do it.

anyway, because i don’t feel cute at all, i’m going to post photos of a blogger who looks fantastic!

meet melanie of articulatory laziness!

she bought this dress from my etsy shop and recently styled it for her blog.

cute, huh??  love the belt she added!  and those boots look great, too!

check out her blog…i haven’t had a chance to spend a lot of time on it (sorry, melanie!  when i’m back from vacation, i’ll be sure to pay more attention.)

from what i can tell, she’s got great style and makes me wanna wear my cow(girl) boots with everything!

melanie, thanks so much for shopping at barefoot & vintage on etsy…i do hope you come back again, soon.  i’ll be adding new items upon my return!

today, we’re headed to my grandma and grandpa’s house.  they have acres and acres of land, including a lake…so we’re planning to ride 4 wheelers and maybe do a little fishing.  i can’t wait!

also, i hadn’t planned to have any guest bloggers, but one of my faves offered to help out and i just couldn’t say no!

(stay tuned…)



an ocean of corn.

i can’t express enough how happy i am to be home!

the summer heat and humidity, the warm rain showers, the crickets and other bugs that coordinate their symphonies in the dark of the night.  it’s oddly comforting and oh so familiar.

and i love being surrounded by cornfields!  as far as the eye can see…even in the backyard!

i have a very special {blogger} guest visiting me today…

i can’t wait to see her and give her big big hugs.

she needs them.

i’ll be sure to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned…

ps.  went thrifting yesterday!  found some good stuff.  can’t wait to hit the thrift stores again, this afternoon.

goooooood finds here in the midwest!

hope ya’ll are having a great week.