belly baring


i am so into the belly baring looks of this summer – high waists + cropped tops …just a bit of ab showing… sexy, but not too sexy.  couldn’t resist putting together my own version of this fun and flirty trend.

t-shirt – american apparel
skirt – vintage, thrift {similar}
booties – candies
cuff – vintage, thrift
gage huntley bracelet

more belly baring inspo – 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


the style // thanksgiving

blouse – marshall’s // pants – free people // shoes – nine west // clutch – thrifted
necklace – clyde’s rebirth

{what i wore to thanksgiving dinner.} 

i know i’m a few days late, but…
i’m thankful for my husband, my kids, our health, our family {near and far}…and elastic waist bands. 

also, starbucks, the ability to fast forward through commercials, and dry shampoo.  

but mostly for the things i mentioned first. 


bf+v thrifts // alcv thrift shop

the assistance league of conejo valley is the new kid in town… good stuff, but a little pricey.  i wasn’t all that impressed with their selection of clothing, but {as you can see} i made a pretty good killing in the home goods department!

it’s rare that i find what i’m looking for when i’m actually looking for it…isn’t that true for most of us?  but yesterday, the thrifting gods smiled upon me and ta-da… woven rugs!  wall hangings for zoey’s room!  a vintage glass container for a future project!  and vintage baby dresses for the shop!

have you found any good gems lately?  do tell…

a pretty big deal

top – urban outfitters // skirt – target // sandals – aldo // belt + clutch – vintage, thrift

a year ago this weekend, mark and i attended the malibu arts festival – 1.  to enjoy the event itself, but 2.  because mark was in desperate need of a job and a friend of mine {who was working the event} knew of a sales position with the malibu chamber of commerce.  as we walked up and down the aisles, admiring the work of local artists and businesses, she explained the position to mark – he’d be in charge of ad space and membership sales, also acting as the executive director’s right hand man.  sounds good…we’ll take it!  in a matter of days, the job was his.

flash forward to this weekend…long story, short – the previous executive director was let go and mark is now “acting” executive director.  this year, the arts festival is his event.  my husband is the boss.  and i am so unbelievably proud of him.  he’s worked long hours, late nights and although we haven’t seen him much this weekend, the event appears to be a big success.

and there are perks to being the boss’s wife – like not paying the $10 parking fee….

yeah, i’m a pretty big deal.

the style // 7.8.12

tank – marshall’s // skirt – target // purse + belt – vintage, thrift // sandals – aldo // hat – ?

{like the diva that i am, i had a wardrobe change mid photo-taking.}

so here i am, blogging about sunday on tuesday.  sunday was nice – while mark spent the day at the golf course, zoey and i stayed indoors where it was cool.  we made a trip over to goodwill in an attempt to buy other people’s crap, but left empty-handed.  later that evening we had us some delicious bbq, followed by frozen yogurt.  i like these easy summer days…

yet here i sit…my nose running like a faucet, mouth-breathing like a mo fo.  being sick in july is stupid.

fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

ps.  have you entered the beep clothing giveaway?

some days

skirt + bag – vintage, thrift // bicycle shorts – f21 // top – american apparel // sandals – urban outfitters // watch – michael kors

some days you just pull on your lace trim bicycle shorts and slip into your sheer, leopard print maxi skirt.  the end.

happy monday.

little. yellow. sticky.

something you should know about me…

i’m forgetful and absentminded and even though i make lists, i forget about them and often find yellow sticky notes stuck in random places.  in the pages of a book, on the floor of my car, in my wallet, stuck to the back of another list…

ultimately, this causes the opposite of organization.  i end up overwhelmed and unnecessarily stressed.

i stress myself out.  who does that?!  i do.

my point is this…

i need to set my priorities for the week and stick with it.  (no pun intended.)

as i mentioned before, taylor starts school in a few weeks and i like to keep him on a pretty strict schedule.  when we have a schedule, things run smoothly.  when things run smoothly, mommy is happy.

so something has to give…i can’t possibly bust my ass every day after work to get home, take photos, edit them, and write a post…all in between homework, dinner, going for a run, or any other necessary errands and house stuff.

i’m sure most of you can’t relate (to the kid thing) and that’s okay!  we all get busy though, with or without kids.  i’m not more busy because i have a little one, i just don’t have as many hours in the day for blogging and picture-taking.  pout.

all that being said, i may not have time to post daily outfits once school starts.  morgan said it’s okay.  she said maybe i can just do weekend outfit posts.  morgan also said that the stucco background is very fashion forward and that all the biggest fashion photographers and models should start using it as their background and name paige/barefoot & vintage as their inspiration.

okay, she didn’t say that last part.

but she did say this…

“stucco IS fashion.”
-morgan of morgan and lua.

morgan – please note that i moved to a different area of my “yard”.  the stucco has a more rustic feel, if you will.

i guess i’m just hoping (when i cut back) that i won’t lose any of you.  i’d like to think that my regular followers like me for me and not just because i have undeniably amazing style and wear like…the coolest, most sought after, vintage items. and i’m modest and down to earth to boot.

on the other hand (i’m about to name drop again),  merl calls me paige “false alarm” pitzer.  which simply means, i say all this now because i’m preparing everyone for worst case scenario.  in reality, i probably won’t stop posting every day and all of this will have been for nothing.

possibly just to keep you on your jeffrey campbell toes.

i think you get what i’m saying.  it’s more about me not stretching myself too thin.  after all, my blog/my shop is supposed to be my hobby.  the minute it starts feeling like a chore, is the minute i need to step away.

how do you juggle work, school, kids, husbands, boyfriends, friends, blogging, outfits, etc??  because sticky notes aren’t working for me…

thanks for your continued support…i appreciate you all!

ps.  i’m retiring the skirt.  i’ve worn it here, here and here.



i’m wearing…
vintage scarf (shocker) – found at a garage sale
shirt – local boutique
belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted, vintage
wedges – etsy, vintage