little miss muffet

i do not like spiders.  at all.

and they know this, so they find me and taunt me with their creepy, spiny little legs and quick, jerky movements.

i wish you could see the body convulsions and over-dramatic shivering i’m doing.  every time my hair brushes the back of my arms, i believe there’s a spider crawling on me.

over the last couple of days, these arachnids have decided to terrorize me even more than usual.  maybe i’ve killed too many and karma is coming back to bite me.  literally.

so grab a cup of coffee and sit back and relax as i share my spider stories…

tuesday morning.

i head to the bathroom to break the coffee seal…

just as i get comfy on the potty, a freaking spider comes barreling straight at me!  even in mid stream i stand up to dodge this creepy crawlies’ obvious intentions of scurrying up my leg and biting the inside of my thigh.  as i’m doing a little dance to escape, panties around my ankles, my full bladder forgotten, the spider makes a quick move to the left and scurries up the wall.

whew.  close call.  i think the spider was just as stressed as i was.

he stopped for a moment (to catch his breath?  to give me the evil eye?) so i quickly pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and muttered, “jerk.” as i stepped out of the stall and into safety.

wednesday morning.

i’m at my desk.  typing away.  all the sudden i see something scurry across my desk.

my heart stops.  oh no.  it can’t be.

but it is.

a spider has crawled underneath my keyboard.  i freeze, unsure of how to proceed.  i decide to move it slightly, just to see where the little asshole is hiding.  he moves quick, but in my frightened state, bump the keyboard and my ipod falls off the edge and…no joke…

lands right on the spider…like, pins it down!


i think it’s dead so i give the ipod a little flick of my finger…not dead!  eeeeek!  the spider gets up and hightails it to…

i don’t know where, but i let it go and continue working.

late morning…

one of the financial advisors comes in and he’s covered in spider bites.

what?!  what is going on here??

this can’t be happening.  remember arachnophobia, the movie?  it’s happening.  spiders are taking over.

about an hour later…

a different spider crawls out from under my monitor stand.


that’s it!  i’ve had enough.  i call one of the other assistants over to my desk to tell her what’s been going on.  she’s grossed out, too.  says that she’s seen a few as well!

as we’re having this conversation, she looks up and there’s a spider hanging from the ceiling.

omg.  are you kidding me?  even though we’re horrified, we’re cracking up.  tears in our eyes.  but it’s still gross and creepy and i’m scared.  legit scared.

fast forward to that evening…

taylor and i head upstairs to brush our teeth and get ready for bed…

he likes to tease me about spiders so when he says,

“mommy there’s a spider on your bed.”

i don’t believe him.

but sure as shit…there’s a spider, chillin right next to my pretty decorative pillow.  i grab a flip-flop and demolish the little jerk, without hesitation.

for the rest of the night, i sleep in fear.

i’m wearing…
sweater – anthropologie
vintage scarf as belt – thrifted
vintage skirt – thrifted
vintage shoes – found at a garage sale
sunnies – a gift

so far today, no spiders.  i’m keeping my eyes peeled, watching my back…

you better watch yours, too!  ;)




sweet pants

you all know how much i love a great pair of pants…

check these out!

i found them hanging on the rack at the thrift store and damn near squealed with delight.

the color is to die for, they’re high-waisted, and perfectly tailored to fit my bod like a glove.





i imagine that these are the kind of pants that would illicit awesome pickup lines.

“is that a mirror in your pants?  cuz i can see myself in them.”


“are you wearing a space suit?  cuz your ass is out of this world!”

the second one is my favorite.  hands down.

sadly, no awesome pickup lines came my way.

however, i did get some comments from coworkers…

“only paige could pull off polyester.”
my response – you KNOW it!
“i had a pair of those in 8th grade…”
my response – you were the coolest effin 8th grader, then.
“you remind me of peggy lipton from the mod squad.”
my only response was to do some saturday night fever inspired pelvic thrusts.  which was followed by a roll of the eyes from my coworker.
“saturday night fever!  show us your john travolta moves!”

so i did…

yee haw!

that’s all i got today.

the pants speak for themselves.

etsy photo shoot this evening!  stay tuned for new items!

oh and don’t forget…i’m still offering 20% off in the shop!
just add “MOUSEVOX” in the comment box at check out.
i will reimburse you via paypal after payment is made.

happy thursday…the weekend is near!



i’m wearing…
lace top – hanky panky, nordstrom
vintage pants – thrifted
shoes – steve madden

1 skirt, 3 ways. and more.


assuming that you noticed, i apologize for yesterday’s absence.

i returned home from san diego pretty late on sunday night and didn’t feel much like blogging.

sometimes we need a break, yeah?

i had a great weekend…champagne and thai food saturday night (after a loooong drive and hideous traffic), a great run on sunday morning, a few changes made to the blog, new items in the shop, and then dinner with good friends.  it was so worth a total of 5 hours in the car for one night and one day with my family.

speaking of changes to the blog…did you see them?!  new banner, new profile pic, new etsy shop logo/button…

click on it!  it’ll take you straight on over to barefoot & vintage on etsy.

like i said, i added a few new items, so now you have an excuse to go look.

*wink wink*

for those of you who entered my giveaway…thank you!  but more importantly, i wanted to let you know that it’s been great reading your favorite inspirational quotes, lyrics, etc…

i realize it’s not the typical “add me to your twitter/bloglovin/googleconnect/facebook” giveaway strategy…

but those get old.  besides!  who can’t benefit from an uplifting, positive quote??

so, if you haven’t already…go HERE for deets and to enter my giveaway!

i’m wearing…
“chambray” button up – mossimo, target
skirt – thrifted
hat – borrowed
purse – vintage coach
sandals – local boutique

one more thing before i go.

i am pretty much in love with this skirt, but i’ve had my fun with it…


i’m selling it.

it’s in the shop, available for purchase!

other new items…




no outfit post today!

instead, i’ve decided to share some of the vintage items i found on my trip back to the midwest!

like the items i posted yesterday, i’m not sure what’s going in the shop, but if you guys like certain things…i’ll add them sooner.

plus…a few of the finds are fall inspired…it’s not too early to start building your fall wardrobe!!

so without further adieu…

any interest?  let me know!

oh and i kinda wanna pick your brain about something…

i’m thinking about changing the name of the blog.  i’d keep the etsy shop as barefoot & vintage, though…

and the domain name would stay the same, as well.

i’m still brainstorming, but what do you think about…

pa(i)ges of style


turn the pa(i)ge…a style story

do you like either of those?

or should i keep thinking??

tell me the truth!  i promise you won’t hurt my feelings.

pinky swear.

thank you…can’t wait to hear what you think!

i’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post…



young love. gives me heartburn.

on monday afternoon, my son and i had this conversation…

taylor:  mommy, there’s some new kids at summer camp.
me:  oh really?  boys or girls?  are they in your grade?
taylor:  yeah…a girl.
me:  what’s her name?
taylor:  (kinda irritated) i don’t rememberrrrrrrr.
me:  oh okay.  is she cute?
please note:  i’m only asking him this question to push his buttons.  usually, he rolls his eyes at me and says, “NO! geez, mom.”
taylor:  yeah…she is.
me:  (stunned silence)

fast forward to tuesday morning…

taylor wants to put gel in his hair.

it’s gotta be because of this little tart at school…

and i have to admit, he looks handsome and there’s a spring in his step.


i pick him up from camp last night and one of the first things he says to me is…

“that girl i told you about?  her name is kathy.  we call her katty.”

mmmm hmmmm…at least they’re not calling her kitty cat.

anyway, a couple of hours later we’re sitting down to dinner and he says,

“kathy says there’s a new pokemon game coming out.”

oh great, not only has he brought her up twice this evening, but now they have something in common!

so i say:  do you and kathy spend a lot of time together at camp?
taylor:  kinda.
me:  oh.  do you like her?
taylor:  yeah (big grin)
me:  you DO?!  does she like you?
taylor:  well, yeah…i think so.
me:  what does she look like?
taylor:  she has braces, blonde hair (he likes blondes) and green eyes.

what?!  he noticed her eye color?!

ladies…promise not to laugh?

cuz i gotta admit…

this exchange with my 9-year-old (soon to be 10-year-old 5th grader)…brought tears to my eyes.  i’m not kidding.

my little man likes a girl.

she doesn’t have cooties and she’s not gross.  i mean, he likes her!

like, he thinks she’s cute and stuff.

oh man.

i don’t know if i’m ready for all this adolescent/teenage stuff.  we’re not quite there, but i’m not stupid…i watch dateline…i know what goes on in grade school these days.

i think i should meet this “katty”.

i’ll keep you posted, okay?


i have a feeling the janitor’s daughter is a lot like the preacher’s daughter.

i gotta go to my happy place…let’s talk about vintage!

on my lunch break yesterday, i headed over to my fave little thrift store.


look at what i found!

not going in the shop yet, though.

i like to hoard my finds and pet them and stare at them for a couple of weeks before i decide when or if they’re going into the shop.

HOWEVER, since i love my readers so much…if you see something you like, i would consider making an exception.

let me know!

talk to ya later.



i’m wearing…
blouse – vintage, thrifted (also worn here
necklace – vintage, thrifted
scarf as belt – vintage, thrifted
skirt – bcbg
shoes – don’t remember

the glass is half full.

headed back to california.

happy and sad at the same time.

sad to leave my family and a life of simplicity and love, of knowing where i undoubtedly belong…

happy to go back and make some much-needed changes…i feel a change in the air.

i’ve already made some changes…

i’m trying to be more positive about life and the people around me, i’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, i’m realizing that it doesn’t do me any good to get worked up over situations i cannot control…

i’ve outgrown friends who don’t “get me”, but made amazing bonds with people i have yet to meet.

i’ve chosen to remove myself from a relationship that wasn’t positive for either person involved.  which was hard…so hard.

and maybe i’ll revisit those relationships in the future, maybe i won’t.

the paths i’ve travelled down have brought me to the exact place i’m supposed to be.

and for that, i do not have any regrets.

although some decisions are hurting my heart, others are allowing me to move on and be the person i want to be.

debbie downer, yeah?


i just needed to purge some thoughts.

now i feel better.

going home really cleared my head and allowed me to see pieces of the puzzle that weren’t fitting a few weeks ago.

and i’m figuring it out on my own.

that is the biggest feat of all!

isn’t it interesting that just when you think you have your life figured out…another challenge or person or idea changes it all?

ahhhhhh…i like life lessons and changes, as they allow me to grow.

and realizing the lesson, many times after the fact, is a fantastic AH-HA! moment.

and just so you know…i’m still the same paige.  i get heavy, i get bored, i change my hobbies, i change my style, i get cranky, i can be cynical…but i’m never gonna be opposed to wearing my mustache.

see, i’m still silly.



i’m wearing…
tube top – urban
necklace – thrifted

belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted
sandals – target

many hundred miles and it won’t…

…be long.

love train song by feist and ben gibbard.

i’ve been listening to it a lot this week.

sorry for the sleepy eyes…i was up late and then fairly early this am.

i hate packing…i always want to plan for the “what ifs”.  what if i go out on the town?  what if i go four wheeling on my gma and pa’s property?  what if i wanna go for a run?  etc etc…

needless to say…i’m all packed and feel good about my choices.

my traveling outfit isn’t much to get excited about.

comfort is what i go for.  nothing too tight and soft fabrics.

i’m wearing…
vneck tshirt – american apparel
belt – thrifted
jeans – anthropologie
purse – thrifted, vintage coach

i love traveling…especially when it’s just my son and i…it’s like a little mommy/son adventure.

it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

my partner in traveling crime is wearing…
sweatshirt, jeans, shoes – nordstrom
vote for pedro tshirt – THRIFTED

that’s right, i’m totally teaching him the ways of the thrift.  slowly.  this shirt took some convincing.  it was more for my pleasure than his.

anyway, the plants are watered, the trash has been taken out, the beds are all made, the dishes washed, and all the doors and windows are locked up tight.

i like coming home from vacation to a clean, organized home…so i spent last night cleaning.

is that weird?

okay, it’s time to do one more sweep of the house to make sure we have everything…

see ya soon!

wish us safe travels.