oh sweet friday // vol 16

zombie wine/new ‘do/nails that make me feel like a kid, again/love/halloween inspired centerpiece/tired mommy {!!}, baby {?!}
and {more} new items in the shop!

i’m listing new items like crazy!  mark says i’m not allowed to buy more vintage until i list what i have.  wtf?!
husbands…they’re so…logical.

happy friday, peeps…

enjoy your weekend!


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7 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 16

  1. Sooo…as I was reading this post a certain little miss came peering over my shoulder and when she saw the pic of the ‘do she squealed, “Oh, he’s sooooo cute!”

  2. Love your vintage pieces. Wish that poncho came in a bigger size. Stupid boobs.

    I’m sure I sound like a broken record, because this is what I post almost every single time but your kids are sooooo cute!

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