the style // jury duty

what does one wear when subjected to her civic duty of sitting on her ass all day in a room full of people who have coffee breath and personal space issues?  why something comfortable but cute, of course! 

i know this outfit isn’t the product of epic, out of this world styling – it’s more about the pants.  i’m telling you…target is at the top of my list for pants buying this season – polka dots and now these purple skinny cords?  you must go get a pair or three!  i’m hoping to convince the husband that i need a pair in every color. 

and ps.  jury duty wasn’t so bad.  i watched several episodes of gossip girl on the ipad, nearly completed the book i’m reading and managed to dodge getting called onto a panel.  besides, it isn’t every day that i get 8 hours of uninterrupted me time.  {i should be thankful for small miracles.}


9 thoughts on “the style // jury duty

  1. Great choice for a jury duty outfit! You’re lucky that you didn’t get picked! I was picked a few years back…wasted a whole week on the lamest case on the planet!

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