meow, kitty. meow.


**dentist recap**

(i know you’ve all been holding your breath, wondering how it went, if i’m still alive and what not.)

it went really well.  i actually made it a bigger deal than i needed to.  which is what i do best!  make mountains out of mole hills.  it’s just my defense mechanism…

you think you can scare me dentist?  well i’ll just scare the shit out of myself, thank you very much.  i’ll stress about it for hours.  in fact, i’ll convince myself that my teeth and gums are so bad, that i have to have some sort of on the spot, painful oral surgery. 

not the case.  if anything, i was told that i was “in desperate need of a deep cleaning”.  she asked if i wanted to split the cleaning over two visits or just go for it.  we went for it.  it was painful a couple of times, but i had my big girl panties on.  afterwards, the doc checked my x-rays and confirmed, “you’re lucky.  you actually have really great teeth.”  upon hearing this, i flashed my pearly whites so bright, the shine ricocheted off his pen, hit the ceiling, then knocked him out.  not really. 

i do have one little cavity.  my first one ever.

while scheduling my 6 month check up/cleaning, i looked around for the candy dish, as i kinda wanted to celebrate my awesome teeth by sucking on a lollipop.  what kind of doctor’s office doesn’t offer a bowl of candy at the reception desk?

apparently the dentist office.  (pssshht. lame.)

enough about my teeth. 

let’s talk about my outfit.  because honestly, i rarely do that.

i wish you could see the skirt better.  it’s sheer and off-white with little nude colored nubblies all over it.  and the accordion pleat…i love. 

i knew i wanted to wear it, but i wasn’t sure what to pair it with.  a cami and blazer?  belted sweater?  no no no.  nothing was looking right.  so like the defeatist i am, i walked away.  to make dinner. 

as i boiled water for mac n cheese (for taylor!), i perused marie claire.  i have a torrid love/hate affair with magazines. 

i love them because they are glossy and pretty and i want to be just like the pretty girls on the pages and i want to wear the $500 fashions that i see on those gorgeous models.  AND i want to run out and buy all the lip stains, face washes, deep conditioners, and nail polishes that will make me look like the girls in the magazine.

i hate it because once i read these magazines, they sit on my coffee table and they pile up for months because i feel weird throwing them away.  plus, those girls are so beautiful and airbrushed that i end up feeling like shit about myself, not to mention i can’t afford $500 anything and let’s face it, that lipstain will look ridiculous on me and that face wash will probably make my face dry and then i’ll break out.

but alas, the glossy pages beckoned me and couldn’t resist.

this month’s edition contained an insert of a-z looks/trends.  first page – animal print!  and that’s not all…animal print with polka dots.

ah ha!  i will wear my animal print blouse with that skirt!  i think it worked out rather nicely.  i was a little concerned about the belt.  is it okay with the patent leather black pumps?  i could’ve worn a black shiny belt, but i didn’t wanna be too matchy matchy.

anyway, i liked it. 

coworker comment of the day
“damn girl, you’ve got a cheetah head on your chest. niiiice.”

wearing.  blouse/belt/skirt – vintage, thrifted.  pumps – target

how to celebrate fall, sarcastically.

find a few dead leaves (the three that are in your yard) and throw them up in the air in celebration. 

in celebration of only one cavity, healthy gums, animal prints, and the hope that fall will come soon.


xo, paige

ps.  have a good weekend!


8 thoughts on “meow, kitty. meow.

  1. I knew it! You can totally pull off an animal print. I’m glad you’re teeth are all better and you can relax now. You’re lucky to have good teeth, mine are really ‘soft’ apparently and I get cavities really easily. In fact, my brother at 27 already had a root canal. Personally I can’t wait until it’s my turn.


  2. I LOVE that the blouse has the head of a cheetah on it – that is crazy awesome. Like, crazy awesome.

    And love the accordion pleat skirt! Too cute!

  3. Ugh, now I feel guilty. Need to go to the dentist. It has been, oh, 2.5 years. Not cute. Actually, pretty gross. Not so much fear, more laziness. Sigh, I suppose I’ll “look in to that.”

    Lurv animal prints this fall – super fun.


  4. Gah! I could only skim this because I have a dentist appointment on Monday. My first in three years!


    I am a weird mutant and I have this one baby tooth that never fell out because it doesn’t have a big tooth underneath. My orthodontist (yes I was a brace face and a headgear girl) said it would probably fall out when I was 25, so I guess I’m overdue to stress about it. I am constantly wiggling it and poking it with my tongue and let’s just say, it has seen better days.

    Needless to say, I hate the dentist!

  5. that shirt is pretty freakin awesome Paige. I dig your chest… uh i mean to animal on it.
    You look uber cute as always.
    I had something else to say but I forgot…
    I’ll be back when I think of it!

  6. Let’s see more of those pearly whites in the future, yes?

    And gooood gravy, I love that skirt. Accordion pleats? Check. Nubblies? Check. Every good skirt must have nubblies.

  7. Damn girl! You do got a cheetah on your chest. Speaking of cheetahs… I just got a cheetah/leopard ring a few weeks ago. Whenever I look down at it I immediately make a fist and wave it in front of the nearest persons face, Then I shout “Tiger Power!” (Tiger sounds better than cheetah…seriously, just try it.) Anyway that has nothing to do with anything, but that’s just how I roll. I’m hear to mix up your comments section….

    Tiger power!

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