the style // knits + layers + traditions

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blouse – banana republic // sweatshirt – local boutique {similar}
cowl scarf – kohl’s {similar// moccs – minnetonka

sunday was great.  the weather was crisp and cool, i did a little thrift store shopping, hung out with a rad new friend, and…we finally got our tree!  i have to admit – up until that moment, i wasn’t really feeling those holiday warm fuzzies.  but now that we have pine needles all over the floor, i’m pumped to get out the ornaments and finish decorating the house.  i even managed to order our christmas cards this weekend.  all we have left to do is some last-minute shopping and a visit to santa!

but i was thinking…as a parent to children who are 11-years apart, we’re kind of in this weird “in-between” phase.  taylor, while he loves christmas, doesn’t believe in santa.  and zoey, well…she’s still too young to fully understand what it’s all about.  i mean, why in the world is there a tree in our house?!  as a family, we decided that starting new traditions is a great way to keep everyone in the holiday spirit – no matter how old we are!  taylor suggested an advent scavenger hunt and i’d like to invest in one of those creepy little elves.  i think next year will be a blast!

what are your favorite holiday traditions?

ps.  i don’t normally throw a button up over a sweatshirt, nor is it necessary to wear a chunky knit scarf around my neck as if i live in the tundra, but hey…i dig it.


8 thoughts on “the style // knits + layers + traditions

  1. love it!!! i was totally into the christmas spirit until we left for boston. we’ve never done santa but it’s still fun to see the holiday through isaiah’s eyes. i know i’ll get back into it once i’m home with my tree and all that. and you’ll get back into to it soon too. christmas is pretty magical at any age :)

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