redhead revolution

once upon a time, i was born…with not much hair…

two years later, i still didn’t have a full head of hair.

not long after that, peach fuzz started to grow and it became obvious that i was a redhead.

carrot top, pumpkin head, ginger, redheaded step child, fire crotch…you name if, i’ve been called it.

honestly, i hated having red hair.  no one else had red hair AND…the boys only seemed to like the blondes and the brunettes.


in high school, when the girls started putting highlights i their hair, i wanted to go blonde so badly.

but alas, my mom saw my red hair as a unique feature…a novelty if you will…and absolutely forbade me to start messing with the color of my hair.

needless to say, as soon as i escaped from hs and headed to college, i chopped my hair off and went blonde…

and up until very recently, i was every color under the sun EXCEPT…red.

however, as i’ve grown older and wiser, i’ve learned just how special it is to be a redhead and i’m proud to embrace the real me.

these days, shades of red are all the rage!  i know many girls have red hair, but i rarely meet a fellow natural red head.

until last week, that is!

i’m super excited to announce that i had the pleasure of meeting my favorite redhead blogger…



i’m guest blogging for merl today, so head on over to her blog and read more… after the jump!




11 thoughts on “redhead revolution

  1. As a child I had wavy dirty blond hair, straight teeth and perfect vision. What did I want? Curly red hair, braces and glasses (apparently I also wanted to be a nerd). Sometimes we want what we don’t have – but we gusta’ embrace what we’re given! I’m working on growing out years of dying now to my natural light brown – work what yo’ momma gave you!

    • Redheaded blogger overload (in a good way)! I’m so jealous of your meet-up, and I can’t wait to hear what you two are cooking up in the next couple weeks. Hope you found what you needed at home, and have found some inner peace and happiness. Welcome back!

  2. i dye my hair red and have for about ten years now however i wish soooo badly that i had that natural ‘ginger’ shade, if you will and that i was born with red hair! consider yourself lucky girl!

  3. Oh how I wish we could have made that christina sandwich I talked about before. not in a groady way, just like, hugging. wait. ya, thats what i mean. miss you two.

  4. My husband is a redhead and was bald until 2.

    When I was 8, I told my mom I wanted redhead children. I don’t know why I said that but I must have meant it since I married a redhead. :)

    So far, my daughter only appears to be slightly strawberry blonde and only in certain light.

  5. that looks so fun! damn, i wish i coulda been there. surely, one of these days, we’ll get together and hang out and drink yummy adult beverages and have a blast. i’m waiting for it.

  6. I love your red hair, its so gorgeous. Being of Irish and Scottish heritage we have the red gene in our family. My mum, brother and cousin all have red hair. I got the other genes though and started off as blonde and am now a brunette.

  7. I was born into red family, with both my parents,my brother and my sister being red heads! i`m a blondie though….
    But then i fell in love with a dark brown man and we had a babygirl with a head full of ginger… Full circle for me!

    Go redheads!

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