i’ve been resisting it for so long…

i swore that i’d never, EVER, get wrapped up in it…

and then…

my mom convinced me to watch it.

the twilight saga.

i watched twilight and new moon back to back because i just couldn’t get enough of edward’s smolder.

and now i’m reading twilight and i can’t put it down.

what’s happening to me?!
i’ve totally been sucked in.  (no pun intended)
and i gotta be honest…i kinda want vampires to be real.  i kinda want a vampire boyfriend.  assuming that i could find a vampire that would fall in love with me as opposed to draining my body and leaving me for dead…yeah…i’d totally date one.
they’re romantic…in a dangerous way.
i rarely see (style/fashion) bloggers write or discuss this twilight phenomenon…what’s up with that?
do any of you read the books?  have you seen the movies?
i mean, i’m not as obsessed as some people, but i’m not afraid to admit that i’m totally into the whole thing.
if you’re looking for more “adult” vampire reading, check out…
poppy z brite (i was really into her books when i was in hs)
charlaine harris (she wrote the series that is now true blood)
aaaaanyway, if you happen upon a sexy blood sucker…send him my way.
ps…the paragraph spacing is all eff’d up and i can’t fix it and i don’t have time, sorry.

im wearing…
dress – modcloth
cardigan – urban outfitters
necklace – thrifted
belt – dooney and bourke, thrifted
shoes – target
team edward!  (haha)


24 thoughts on “confession

  1. Honestly, as a staunchly loyal harry potter fan, I am quite anti-Twilight! This is actually mostly unfounded, although I did see the first movie (almost understood the hype until Edward started glittering >.<)… I am someone who easily gets sucked into these 'types' of things and there are some things I really just avoid because I don't want to be like everyone else. This also previously included watching the OC, which drew a lot of shock from people back in the day…

    I also think that many of the undertones and themes in Twilight do not set a great example for younger girls, but for the less impressionable ladies, I think it's a fine, although unshared, obsession :) My PhD gal friends seem to have a Jacob/Edward debate at least once a week. Lol.

    Sorry for the essay. But you did say discuss. Heehee

  2. Thus far, I have had nothing to with twilight. Most of my friends are way into it, but I have resisted solely on the grounds of being a curmudgeonly old woman. Perhaps I should give it a try? I’m not good at following literary / cinematic trends. I have still yet to have anything to do with Harry Potter either. Maybe some vampire drama will find its way into my life on a rainy day.

  3. oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goodness.
    I’m with you Paige. I refused to read the books… finally after seeing twilight I caved…. and never looked back. I read all 4 books in 5 days and couldn’t stop. I effin LOVED the sookie stackhouse books. Merl and I used to discuss them. Mmmmm ERIC. I’m kinda addicted to vampire novels. I’d also suggest J.R. Ward. Altho be warned: these are EXTREMELY graphic. Think Sookie Stackhouse on steroids. Lotssssssss of details.
    Not that I’m complaining… they thoroughly entertain me!
    I really have to stop myself, I could talk about this topic all day long.

    Moving on… Im glad you like my new setup. Honestly, I went through so many different themes and the only one I wanted was the one you have but I couldnt!!! then I stumbled on this one and with a few tweakings here and there I thought it worked out pretty well. (then again in another month or so I’ll be bored again)

    oh and I missed you too!

  4. yay for another common interest! i too, am a twilight lover! i have read the books several times (eclipse is my fave!!) the movies don’t really do the books justice. not to say that i haven’t seen each movie a million times over… :) so glad you have jumped on board!
    p.s. in response to your comment: i couldn’t have been happier when you said you love van too! his musical genius is seriously underappreciated! :)

  5. I think maybe I’m just embarrassed to admit it too. I held out for so long with zero desire to see the movies or read the books. And then my friend Sarah convinced me that it would be a fun girls night.


    You know, even sitting there watching the movies, I couldn’t stop thinking things like, “Seriously, this is so stupid” or “This acting is truly terrible” or “Why am I behaving like a 15-year-old girl over some mythical character in a movie (for I too, Paige, am an Edward girl),” but none of it could keep me from DYING to know what happened next.

    Thus, this is me, sucked in.

  6. Um. Yes. I’m a little bit obsessed with Twilight.

    I read all four books back to back, couldn’t put them down.

    I’ve seen all three movies so far and love them. So much.

    I’m not crazy-obsessed, like wearing a Team Whoever shirt to the movie or buying fake fangs. That’s a bit too much for me.

    I also watched True Blood’s first two (three?) seasons and read the first several books, but we’ve since gotten rid of HBO so I can’t watch the current season. Boo!

    • I have to say that I’m not into the Twilight deal. I think it’s because all my friends are and i’m trying to maintain the ability to shock them. Kind of like when my brother never saw Titanic. :)
      Love this look. And I must say, your hair is amazing!

  7. You look fantastic! I love the colors in this outfit.

    I’ve resisted the pull of Twillight even though my daughters are obsessed. I did add it to my Netflix:)

  8. All right. . . Ok. I have never seen or read anything from this series. I have picked up the movie at blockbuster several times, walked with it, pet it, and put it back. I have an addictive obsessive streak in me that knows that one taste of edward and twilight and I will not be able to stop. flash backs of fiddling with myself in the girls bathroom. I can’t start all that again. So with great dismay i refuse to watch. I have a serious Vampire fantasy/ interest and i just can’t willing introduce material that will rekindle that shit. I think I am a vampire. a little. but the only way I can function like a normal human is to banish all that from my viewing and reading pleasure. I KNOW I WILL LOVE IT. more than a little. I shouldn’t even be having this conversation right now. its like discussing heroin to a recovered addict. because you never fully recover do you. SHIT PAIGE! THANKS! I have till 1:00 to myself and now I feel like I have to go to blockbuster and get it right now and watch every minute of it. Where is my vampire sponsor?

  9. i have seen the first movie and that only because it was the in-flight movie on an airplane. i wasn’t terribly impressed although i hear the other ones are better. i haven’t read the books because i am certain i will become obsessed and i have wanted to remain the one girl i know who isn’t. i become enthralled with fictional men all too easily. i have been having a love affair with a red-headed scotsman named jamie for the last year and i’m reasonably sure matt will not allow for another man to enter my life. but the more people i know who are consumed with this series the more i kinda want to do it too. even my parents like it! who knew?!

  10. argh i am with christina! i resist b/c i know i’ll love it and will be one of those “twilight people”. i can’t let myself get lured in!

  11. Nooooo! I have successfully avoided it at all costs, so far. I will probably watch it at some point, but for now I am proud of the fact that I can’t participate in any conversation involving edward, etc.

  12. I also resisted at first. I watched the first movie and hated it, much too dark and pale. I was wondering why people liked the series so much, then I read the book. And that is the end. I’m a total fan now. It sucked me in as well. After reading the book, I re-watched the movie and it was so much better, I mean come on, Robert Pattinson, ah. So I continued to read the others and watch the second movie. Although I haven’t seen the third yet, I feel like a bad fan because I haven’t, but it’s not my fault I don’t have extra cash right now. So to conclude I am a fan, but not a die hard fan.

  13. Hi! Oh i love The Twilight Saga & i’m not afraid to admit it in public. It brings out the inner teenager in me, and about Edward or Jacob? Well hey i’m really not fussed..
    Ive read the True Blood series too, that makes me feel a bit more like a grown up.. :)

  14. I resisted for a long time. The tops I saw in some of the shops like “I kissed a vampire and liked it” made me feel kinda ill. But then my friend made me watch the first movie and I was hooked. I’ve read all the books and seen the movies but despite the fact I get caught up in these I am really not okay with the message that these books and movies send to young girls. If you look beneath the message of abstinence etc that Meyer tries to project, Edward turns out to be a huge control freak! Like the part in the third movie when he takes the part out of Bella’s car so she can’t got see Jacob. Also, the fact that Bella needs a man to complete her is kinda pathetic. After Edward leaves her she’s a right mess until she finds Jacob. There is a whole lotta other underlying badness… this article highlights most of them

    But saying all that, I don’t feel that I am as impressionable as young teenagers so I should be okay cause I really do enjoy the franchise. Especially when Taylor Lautner takes his top off :)

    • i’m gonna have to read that article! i completely agree with you about the wrong messages being sent out to young, impressionable women. i mean, come one…if grown women…my mother’s age…are turned on my edward…well, you get what i’m sayin…

  15. I watched the first Twilight movie and I was rather bored to be honest. I don’t have any desire to read the books either; there are so many other books I’d rather read more! But, to each their own :) Totally love that dress.

  16. I love everything about this outfit, even right down to how well it looks with your hair and complexion.

    I’ve never read Twilight, but I think I’ve read enough feminist critiques of it to know I would probably just be angry if I read it.

  17. I feel a terrible pain about the movie… Because I’ve read the books first, after my graduation, all like in 2-3 weeks? I felt terrible because I was just thinking the “this series is for teens, and I’m 27, I shouldn’t feel like this!” In fact I think the writer is really extremely talented, she wrote it so good. But unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the film makers!!! You’ll understand it better when you read it. It’s a good love-pain story… And the writer was writing it again but the teller was edward (check her website) until someone stole the copies… but they published draft of the first chapter, you should check it…

    I was always into the vampire thing, I had watched all of the Buffy series back then… I’ve always hoped to be half-vampire so that I could live day+night and have extreme powers etc… Well, she made this dream… Oh well, I wish Edward was real… But, important notice: Edward is not real! There is no man like Edward, never try to search… Seriously…

    Ok, these are said… Your necklace is so sweet and I liked the whole outfit too! I like green+burgundy combination.

  18. No, I am totally into it. It is easy reading – an escape, if you will. I love it. I would love for it to be real also. I’m not so into it that I actually THINK that it could happen though. Haha.

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